15 Fabulous Fantasy Figurines New from Selina Fenech

A while ago, I licensed my artworks to a couple of companies for the creation of figurines based on my work. Since then they’ve been working hard behind the scenes sculpting the designs and confirming colours, and they have been creating such beautiful work! Some of these designs are available already, and the rest are available for pre-order. I don’t keep these in stock myself because I just don’t have the storage space, so the best place to order these is the wonderful Fairy Glen store.

Shop for Selina Fenech Figurines at Fairy Glen

Just check out these beauties!


Look at those bubbles! Makes me want to take a bath right now.


This one is a wall plaque designed for hanging on your wall.


I love the way they have coloured Fairy Wishing Well, beautiful work, don’t you agree?


Check out that tiny key!

I just adore the use of transparent materials in these figurines. So magical!


Guardian was released as a figurine many years ago and sold out, leaving many people trying to find one of this rare design. It’s now available again!


Impossible Love is also available again!


This version of Littlest Fairy is super sweet.


Another wall plaque style design, this Motherhood figurine is ready to hang.


Shimmer is the perfect fairy guardian to watch over you from her tower.


Just look at this face. This face! Isn’t she the sweetest thing?


Designed as a book end, this is one of my favourites. It just makes me feel as though I’m really underwater with her.


Okay. Seriously. How awesome is this? Threshold has got a built in light! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these, it’s going to make the perfect nightlight for my daughter.


The waves in this design blow me away. How cool is this? Something so magical about this design, like they’ve frozen real tiny waves in place.


Winged Things turned out so elegant and magical. She’s quite a tall figurine and so majestic!

Can you tell I’m excited and head over heels in love with these? Because I am! I mean, what an excellent job the artists at the figurine companies have done! I’m in absolute awe.

Which design is your favourite?


12 thoughts on “15 Fabulous Fantasy Figurines New from Selina Fenech

  1. Edith says:

    They did your work justice that’s for sure, they are all gorgeous!!
    I can’t cut the last 2: Gossamer princess and the fairy wishing well are my favorite.

  2. shellytigers says:

    “10 magical coloring pages”. I saw this post and subscribed. How and when do I see the PDF for these pages? You do such beautiful work, I don’t want to have made a mistake and not be part of the limited group to receive. If this is not how to reach Selina, can someone please tell me how. Thank you and I’m excited to be here.

    • Selina says:

      Hi Shellytigers 🙂 I just checked and it looks as though you are subscribed, so you should be receiving the email with the PDF link in it soon. Check your spam folder just in case 🙂

  3. Debbie Cook says:

    I love your work!! I own many of your figurines, and have been looking for Bathtime and Fairy Wishing Well. I just received Waiting and Threshold. Absolutely love them!! Fairy Glen does not seem to have the two I am looking for. Thanks so much.

    • Selina says:

      I think some of the newer ones are still in production and will be out soon 🙂 I can’t wait to get my samples of them all as well, I love how they’ve turned out!

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