2011 Review and 2012 Goals

Main Characters of Memory's Wake

It’s that time of year to do some looking back and looking forward. 2011 feels like a blur, but don’t they all? I had to stop for a minute and consider what I actually got done this year, but really, I got A LOT done!

January was mostly spent arranging my wedding. We only spent maybe 3 months max on planning for it, and most of the work done in the final month. Then, on February fifth I got married (with jousting! and heatwaves! https://selinafenech.com/2011/i-got-married-heres-how-it-happened/ )

I spent a few months in the beginning of the year pursuing traditional publishing for the novel, Memory’s Wake, that I had completed in 2010 and was finalising through early 2011. I emailed a stack of agents, had some interest, but no follow through. I used time between waiting on replies to illustrate 44 black and white images for my novel. The more detailed of these artworks were painted digitally, which raised my proficiency and enjoyment of digital painting significantly.

Then I got pregnant! I had a blissfully easy pregnancy and maybe a not so easy birth, when Persephone arrived in October. This is probably the biggest thing I did in 2011.

I decided around March that I wanted to get my novel out and shared with the world faster than traditional publishing allowed (I’m impatient like that), and spend the next few months editing, formatting and finalising Memory’s Wake for self publishing. Also learning all I could about the process as well, and in July I released my first novel into the world. Six months later and I’m continually humbled by how many people are enjoying it. Simply knowing that hundreds of people have read my story makes me super happy!

We managed to squeeze in a honeymoon while I was about 6 months pregnant, spending a few weeks in Bali. Lots of pampering, relaxing and spa treatments, plus one of the most fantastic meals I’ve ever experienced at Mozaic.

After getting home from Bali, while getting pretty round in the belly, my husband and I got some major house reno work done. Our separate studio building had it’s exterior and roof painted. We re-panelled and painted the back guest room which I then moved my office/art room into, and the room that was my office and our bedroom adjoining it both had their walls fixed up (patchy holes from removing badly built in robes) and a paint job as well. What was my office is now the nursery.

The writing bug hit me again toward the end of the year, when in September I decided I would write and publish a novella before the birth of my baby in October. Yikes. But I managed to pull it off with a couple of weeks spare, writing Emotionally Charged in just a few weeks, editing, designing and releasing the book in October. I’m still a little amazed that I’ve published two books this year.

For my Fairies and Fantasy business, I discontinued our black velvet journals (too bulky for mail order!), and mousepads (not environmentally friendly!), and released iPhone cases as a new product range. I’ve developed a new journal product which will be released early in 2012.

In November I turned the big Three-OH, for which I received the awesome Wacom Cintiq 24HD from my husband. Expect many new digital artworks painted with it!

In 2011, on top of the 44 artworks for Memory’s Wake, I painted-

Floating Lights
Sea of Roses
Looking for Fairies
I Put a Spell on You

Hrm, a rather dismal amount of finished work actually. I will have to get back into painting more in 2012!

Which is a good place to start on my goals for next year-

– Write at least 2 more books, possibly three. The plan is to start with Memory’s Wake trilogy book two, then if I’m on a roll, book three straight after. If I find I prefer a break in between, I’ll write another novella to follow after Emotionally Charged instead then go onto book three in Memory’s Wake. I will, of course, also have to illustrate both Memory’s Wake books, so while I hope to complete both in 2012, the release of the third book may be the year after.

– Release books of my artwork. Yep, I’m totally caught up in this self publishing business. It’s fantastic, and addictive! I have four collections of artwork only planned for release in early 2012, then will consider an art instructional book, and an art business tips book.

– For my Fairies and Fantasy business there will be at least two new artists added to the range next year, and I have two other Big Things happening that I’ve been working on which are still classified Top Secret.

– The new journals I mentioned before will be released in early 2012, and I hope to also add some other funky new product types to the range over the year as well.

– This one is always on the list of New Year goals- Paint more!

– Raise my little girl. We’re already having lots of fun together, and I’m so far finding a balance between her and my work. I know this will change though through different ages and stages of her life. We’ll see this time next year how many of my goals I meet.


7 thoughts on “2011 Review and 2012 Goals

  1. Kristina Ebert says:

    Wow you have had a wonderful year. Marriage, a baby well actually a few more with those 2 books you published. That is just so amazing. I’m looking forward to everything you have to produce, books, paints you name it I can’t wait till you show it all.

    Have a wonderful New Year and I hope this coming year raising your new little girl goes great.

    Congratulations on everything 🙂

  2. katerina says:

    Such wonderful positive happy blssed things happened for you Selina, wishing 2012 is such as wonderful and happy for you, all the best to you and your lovely family xoxo

  3. Kyra says:

    Amazing!! Congratulations on a successful 2011; here is to an even more successful 2012!!

    Enjoy the baby and your hubby!! 🙂

  4. Ashley Callin says:

    Persephone, daughter of both the harvest and the underworld, bringer of both winter and spring, I’m curious… why did you choose that name? when i was younger i was completely obsessed with Greek mythology and my two favorites were Persephone and psyche (whom i would love to see a painted rendition of… the beauty that made even Aphrodite jealous…) but I’m rattling on, I’ve just never heard the name used modernly and love that you did it!!

    • selinafenech says:

      My husband and I both love mythology (from many cultures), and the Persephone myth is a great one. We also just thought that Persephone is a pretty name 🙂

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