Annual Fairies and Fantasy Art Awards 2013

I love art, particularly fairy and fantasy art. Since 2009 I’ve been holding an annual art competition, starting small with just one winner, then expanding to have different age groups and categories. Artists would enter their work based on a theme I chose for each year, and I would select the winners. You can see previous winners and details here –

The 2013 Fairies and Fantasy Art Awards are going to be VERY different!

Choosing winners myself is so hard. I want to give everyone prizes and hate having to narrow down the entries on my own.

For the 2013 awards, Artists will no longer enter individual artworks for the competition. Artists can enter themselves and the winners will be chosen through popular vote. Check out the new prize categories and how to enter below.

Award Categories and Prizes

Round One- All eligible artists who have entered the competition will be listed with their corresponding links to their artwork and a sample image. Voting will be open to the public, after which the five artists with the most votes make it through to the next round!

Round Two- The five artists from Round One will each receive an Artist Spotlight and Interview here on my site, highlighting their art. Once the Spotlights are online (to help make a decision!) voting will be open to the public again to choose the grand prize winner- the Fairies and Fantasy Artist of the Year

Fairies and Fantasy Artist of the Year Prize

The Artist of the Year will be offered a licensing contract with my company Fairies and Fantasy!

How to Enter

Artists, please enter yourself for the competition. I’d love to see a wide range of artists and artworks I haven’t seen before. Part of the fun of this competition is discovering new artists to enjoy.

If you want an artist you love to be part of the competition, feel free to email them the link to this page so they can put their entry in!

To enter, just post a comment below! Entries will only be taken on this page, so simply cut and paste the Entry form below and fill in the details-

Entry Form-


Artists Name:
Link to your work (official website preferred, or other online gallery):
Link to one artwork you want to represent you on the voting page:
I, (enter name), agree to the terms and conditions of this competition.

Deadline for Nominations is the 31st March 2013.



Artist Entries have now closed! Round One Voting has begun here-!


Artists work can be in any 2D medium or form ( painting, photography, digital, traditional, etc) but must be predominantly of a fantasy theme (high fantasy, not surreal/horror or abstract fantasy). Artists may come from any country, and must be over 18 years of age. 3D/sculpture/doll artists are ineligible as they would not qualify for the main prize.

 Terms and Conditions

Deadline for Entries is the 31st March 2013. Round One Voting will commence in April. Round One winners will be announced 31st May. Round Two voting will commence and the winners will be announced July 5th. Dates are approximate.

To enter Round Two, it will be the winning artists responsibilities to provide answered interview questions and information for their Artists Spotlight. If an artist fails to provide this information within two weeks of it’s request, their spot in Round Two will be forfeit and passed to the next eligible artist.

By Accepting nomination, and artist agrees to allow the display of their artworks/copyright images on this site in relation to their entry to this competition.

Licensing contract with Fairies and Fantasy Pty Ltd will be for a minimum of 10 images for 6 months. The contract will be offered to the winning artist as is and it is the artists prerogative as to whether they sign into the licensing agreement or not once they have reviewed the terms of the contract.