Fairy Visions Art Book Released

The first of my art collection books, Fairy Visions, will be launched for sale on the 4th February 2012! That’s right, folks, next weekend!

Over the coming year I will be releasing 4 art collections. The first is obviously fairy themed, and it will be followed by the gothic collection, mythology collection, and finally the mermaid collection.

Each book is 60 pages, 8.5×11 inches in size and beautifully printed. Here is a super extreme close up photo of the print quality (click to enlarge!)-

Full page artworks are matched with information I’ve written about how and why I created the image. All artworks have their mediums and dates listed, and text pages are decorated with drawings from my sketchbooks.

Quick Q&A for all the important details!

Where will the book be available?
You can get the book, signed by me, from my Fairies and Fantasy store. It will also be available through Amazon and most other online book retailers!

What happened to the book being published by Blue Angel Publishing?
The coffee table style art book contracted by Blue Angel Publishing is currently on hold with no release date planned. I believe they do still intend to publish the book at a later date, but I have no control over this process. If they free me from the contract in the future, I will make this book available as well myself. It’s really nice, and different to these art collections, featuring a lot of poetry and other writing along with my art.

Why can’t you release all four art collections right now?
Because my husband will waggle his finger at me and tell me I’m just being IMPATIENT as usual, and need to stop taking on TOO MANY THINGS all at once and overworking myself.

Super Fun Exciting Launch Week Prizes!

Want a copy of Fairy Visions: An Art Collection by Selina Fenech for free? Over the coming week, leading up to the launch this weekend, I’ll be giving away 5 copies, one per day!

How to be part of the daily prize draw *COMPETITION ENDED*-

Post a public link to my site (www.selinafenech.com) and let your friends know you’re excited about my art book coming out (I am, so everyone else must be, right? Right?). You can post on your blog, twitter, tumblr, facebook (be sure to change the post status to Public, not just Friends, or I won’t be able to check), Google+ or any other social network site I haven’t listed. Then leave a comment here with the links to where you posted. You get one ticket in the draw per place you post my link!

Once a day I’ll be randomly drawing a winner from all posts (you don’t have to post every day to stay in the draw). The winner will be contacted by email for their address and their copy shipped off ASAP!

If you don’t win a copy during the week, don’t fret. Be ready to buy your copy on either the 4th or 5th of February and you’ll go into the draw for one of five incredible prize packs, full of delicious stash from my Fairies and Fantasy range, one of a kind items (metal prints!), original sketches, and early copies of the Gothic Beauty art collection that won’t be available to anyone else for months!


Day One- Mayumi Ogihara
Day Two- Jessica Twiss
Day Three- Ayla Weeks
Day Four- Aradia Bliss
Day Five- Bethany Larson