Artist Spotlight- Lillian Fioretzi

Lillian Fioretzi was one of the top five artists from Round One of the 2013 Fairies and Fantasy Art Awards.

Lillian’s paintings are moody, atmospheric and evocative. Broaching on some darker themes, there’s still a sense of wonder and magic in her work that draws emotion from the viewer. Here is a small sample of Lillian’s collection, but please check the links below in her interview to visit her official websites for more.

An Interview with Lillian

1. What themes/subjects do you enjoy painting?

Certainly my favorite subject is fantasy and fairy tales as well as kids art, medieval, sci fi, roleplay characters, esoterism and spirituality. I think I’m having such a difficult time deciding what I most want to focus on – I’m attracted to so many different subject areas and art styles!

2. What do you want a viewer to feel or think when viewing your art?

It is very essential a viewer to think or to feel about any of my artwork. If my artwork doesn’t stir something up, the viewers may say ʽThat’s nice and beautifulʼ and move on. Most of my artworks are based on my personal life experiences so when I paint I always create a story in my mind. I want my art to evoke a thought or an idea about this story. In other words, I want the viewer to imagine the stories behind my artworks:-)

3. What do you love about being an artist? And/or what is most difficult?

I love being an artist because I am able to spend the day doing what I love! Through my artworks I can inspire and delight people, I can express my world, my thoughts, my dreams in ways not many others can! I love being able to make my own schedule and being my own boss!

The difficult part of being an artist?

a) To follow my schedule! I am full time mother of a 7 years old boy, and a 19 months baby girl who starves for attention all day long:) It’s only a couple of hours during daytime and another a couple of hours before bed when I am able to paint, design and make art products or to keep up with my home business things!

b) The financial reality! Most of the time It is NOT that easy to make a reasonable living as an artist.

c) Self-promotion! Iʼm very much a novice in that area :) Iʼd rather be in my little “studio-corner” than out there.

4. In what ways do you share your art?

I really love to design and produce paper products and jewelry based on my artworks such as stationery sets, greeting cards, bookmarks, journals, accessories….I sell them through my online shops:

I also offer my art in different formats to retailers locally and abroad.

Quick Five Questions

1. Which would you pick- fame, money, happiness, or easy inspiration? Money helps but happiness for sure!

2. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being symbolic/meaningful and 10 being purely aesthetic, where would you rank your work?  4

3. Hours spent on your last painting? Hmmmm, I do not usually keep track of time but ….I would say around 15 hours

4. How many paintings (approx.) a year? Ohhh…if the baby allows me between 5-10 paintings :)

5. Artist stereotypes, Yes or No- Cat owner? Tea Addict? Recluse? Eccentric?

Cat owner: Not anymore :-(
Tea Addict: Not at all
Recluse: Ohh YES !!! (for the last 6 years)
Eccentric: Always !

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