Festive Magic – Fantasy Christmas Coloring Book

When it hits November, time seems to speed up in a rush towards the end of the year. And the end of the year to many people means Christmas. I’ve prepared early this year with the release of this Christmas themed colouring book!


When I was creating and curating the images for this coloring book, I wanted to make a collection that had a Christmassy feel, but could also be used at other times as well. There are some very Christmassy designs which feature holly and baubles and presents and candy canes, but there are also many others which are simple beautiful, festive feeling fairies and angels. They could easily be coloured to make them very Christmassy (I keep using this word. It is a real word, right?) or they could be coloured in any way you like at any time of the year.

Eight of the designs in this book were outlined for me by a talented young artist, Jenna. She did a great job, and it was nice to take some strain off my own wrist in creating these outlined versions of my art. I’m hoping to have Jenna do some more outlining for me in the future to free me up to do some new creations. Jenna worked on the Choirs Angels and Nouveau Angels series. What do you think of her work? If you’d like to see her own creations, check out her Instagram.

These sweet designs range from fairly simple to more detailed, and could be enjoyed by all ages.

It’s available in my store direct from me now (signed!) or from Amazon and other online retailers.

Try a page from this book for free!

Click the image to download the larger version.


Souvenirs volés – The Memory’s Wake French (français) Translation

I feel as though I should be writing this blog post in French, because it’s all about the French translated edition of Memory’s Wake. But I would be relying entirely all too much on Google Translate for that. What I can do, though, is paste in what my French publisher, Editions Du Chat Noir, have on their page about this edition.

Perdue dans un monde aux fééries monstrueuses, une ado troublée doit découvrir qui elle est et pourquoi ses souvenirs ont été volés, avant d’être rattrapée par ceux qui veulent sa mort.

Elle se choisit le nom de « Memory » et n’a plus qu’un seul but : retrouver le chemin de sa maison où qu’elle puisse être. Mais ces contrées sont étranges, aucune technologie à l’horizon et l’acier est banni, en raison d’un pacte entre les humains et les créatures magiques qui cohabitent dans ce royaume aux codes du passé. Avec son t-shirt et son jean déchiré, Memory sait qu’elle est différente.

Hantée par son passé, chassée par un dragon, désirée par le roi et suivie par un mystérieux et beau sauvage qui semble la connaitre, tout le monde est après elle ; et elle suspecte que ce n’est pas juste pour sa tenue décalée. Sa mémoire perdue renferme de dangereux secrets qui remettront en cause tout ce qu’elle connait et menaceront tous ceux qu’elle aime.

Découvrez la trilogie événement venue d’Australie, écrite et illustrée par Selina Fenech.

I’m so excited to have my novel translated into another language so that it can be read by more people around the world!

It can be ordered directly from the publisher- Order Now

Their paperback version is gorgeous, with special spot gloss patterns on the cover.


New Halloween and Gothic Coloring Books

Halloween is coming, and (thanks to my daughter’s birthdate of the 31st October) it’s now one of my favourite holidays! I love Halloween and all the spooky fun it entails!

Last month I released a new gothic and Halloween themed colouring book titled Night Magic, and this week I have released a new mini pocket sized edition colouring book, which includes all the designs from Gothic and Night Magic together in one totally cute mini edition!

To celebrate Halloween, I’m putting both these and the Gothic colouring book on sale.