7 Random Things About Me

Some completely random and miscellaneous facts about me, just for fun!

1.”No sir, that’s the umbilical cord.”

There was no doctor present at my birth. The small country town hospital I was born at didn’t have resident doctors, and while a doctor was called, he never showed up. There was a nurse or two present, who apparently tried to lighten the stress of the “no doctor” situation by telling dirty jokes during the labour. I blame some of my personality on this. I’ve also been told that I was very close to being called Gabrielle, but because my mother could see the moon through the window while I was born, they chose Selina instead (which means Moon).

2. Stick ’em up and hand over the pastry goodness!

Me and my friends were once mugged for leftover donuts. No joke. So we were wandering down a closed strip mall late after a movie. We were about 15 years old at the time, waiting for parents to pick us up. This gang of feral girls around our age started harassing us for the bag of half finished donuts we were carrying. One of my friends (god love her!) smart mouthed back, which caused the gang of girls to come over, start a fist fight and steal our bags and wallets. The funny part was the policeman who took down my report was SO occa. My speech has always been somewhat formal, and he wrote my police report in his own words, complete with “aint’s” and “scrubbers” and “fair dinkum’s”.

3. But why was he so Putrid? Or was that just his name?

As a kid, I obsessively made books. Give me some texta’s, paper and a stapler, and I’d make a book. My earliest book still on record was a picture book titled “Putrid Puffin” from about age six. It had classic lines in it like “This is Putrid Puffin, he eats peas and muffins.” and “His house is made with sticks and straw. I don’t know with what or how he made the door.”

4. Always be prepared

I used to be a Scout. You know, the whole dib dib dib dob dob dob, Always be Prepared deal? Not some pansy girl guide or brownie. I was the only girl in the “boy scouts” group (yes I always was a tomboy). It was awesome. We played all sorts of crazy violent games, and I don’t think there was a time we went on an excursion (even bush walking) that didn’t end up with someone needing stitches or breaking a limb. Heck people ended up with stitches and broken limbs just playing in the scout hall. I gave a boy a black eye once in a “capture the flag in the dark” game. And you know the best part? I totally only went to hang out with all the guys. Oh yeah.

5. I once staked a vamp with a real estate agent “Sold” sign.

I used to be able to lucid dream. I nurtured the art form back when I was a lazy sleep-in-till-midday teenager and didn’t even know what “lucid dreaming” was. I used to have complete control over my dreams if I wanted too. It was fantastic. These days, I’ve lost a fair bit of that control, but I am still always conscious that I AM dreaming. If a dream goes down a dark or scary path, I can very easily either change the direction or wake myself out of it. But mostly, I’m happy to just be a bystander these days, because honestly, I have the most awesome dreams. They play like movies, and are very regularly on fantasy themes (and zombies, I dream about zombies A LOT). I once dreamt that Tom Hanks was making a sequel to both “Castaway” and “Joe VS the Volcano” in the same movie. And another where a kid in a primary school class was classified narcoleptic, but only because his mother was drugging him to stop him becoming a werewolf. And yes, once staked a vamp in my dreams with a real estate agent sign. Or one, where in magic class, I had to learn to drink magic from fairies, but my fairy was shaped like a teapot which actually made it MORE difficult to drink from… well, you get the idea. Want to be able to lucid dream? Look it up online, there are ways to teach yourself!

6. Don’t pass it my way.

I’ve never done any illegal drugs. Seriously. Alcohol is as far as I’ve ever gone. Never even smoked a cigarette (because really, why the hell would you?!). This is quite a feat coming from a town where marijuana smoking was considered standard pastime for ages 13 up. For some reason it never interested me. Sure, I’m still slightly curious, but not enough to make me want to do anything. I guess part of me is scared, I’m a control freak to some extent, which includes keeping control of my consciousness. And honestly, I think my consciousness has done just fine without them. See Random Fact number 5. As for medical drugs… I have semi-hallucinated both from heavy pain killers and another time from chemotherapy cocktails. One was mildly amusing, the other slightly scary.

7 thoughts on “7 Random Things About Me

  1. Margaret ioannidis says:

    Hello Love it. Loved the Lucid Dreaming am going to look it up and teach myself… Putrid Puff how cute made me laugh and go back to my childhood… thinking how life was carefree.. Thanks for the read Selina really enjoyed it xx

  2. Bethy Williams says:

    GREAT post, very interesting read! I envy you joining the Scouts, I wanted to join the Boy Scouts really badly when I was a kid but I wasn’t allowed to (I think there’s a “boys only” rule for Boy Scouts of America but it’s possible they just didn’t want me anyway). I ended up joining the Girl Scouts because my mom was a troop leader, and it really sucked. The activities things like makeovers and fashion shows, no word of a lie. Meanwhile my brothers in Boy Scouts got pocket knives, went camping and learned survival skills. So unfair!

  3. Pixie says:

    I made books as a kid, too. My first book, I can’t even remember. But I do recall one about a magic carrot. And one about a pair of best friends. Quality, those were not. 😉 I also have some skill with lucid dreaming, although I didn’t actually know it was called anything at all until your blog. 🙂 And I’m with you on the drugs. I just never had any interest. This was a fun blog to read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. bettielee says:

    I have the opposite of lucid dreams: being an insomniac, I often have dream paralysis, where I know I’m dreaming, but can’t wake, and I can’t stop the awful things that are happening. Totally sucks. But I do have some amazing regular dreams. I know many people who never remember their dreams, and I can’t imagine what that’s like…..

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