Fairy art, mermaid art, fantasy art by Selina Fenech

What training have you had as an artist?

I always drew a lot growing up, probably more than most kids. My mum encouraged it and “craft time” seemed to be her favourite way to keep me and my brother busy and out of trouble. In high school whenever I could choose to take art classes, I did. At the age of about 16, I decided I wanted to be a comic book artist when I grew up! I began more seriously studying artworks and practicing a lot and self teaching at that stage. My love for comics faded a little after high school and I decided a job in graphic design would be stable, and still creative, so took a course at university in Visual Communication. This course was mostly advertising based, working a lot with computers, designing logos, websites, packaging and so on. It taught me a lot about design, and there were a couple of excellent drawing classes included as well. My training in graphic design has been indispensible in my career as an artist, as I’m able to design my own logos, packaging, website and so on. Otherwise I’ve learned loads from art books and online tutorials.

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