An Artists Life- Expressed in funny GIFs

When you first tell your family you want to try and make a living as an artist-

And most days you have to work this hard-

Finally you make your first sale, and it’s only a little one, but you made it-

And then you reach a point when you can tell people you really are a professional artist, that earns a living and all-

When you tell your non-arty friends about the INCREDIBLE new teeny tiny sable brush you just bought for a weeks worth of income and you’re so excited to start painting with, their reaction is-

When you wanting be painting, but know you have to knuckle down and do your accounts, and instead you end up doing this-

Because being a self employed artist, you’ve got to keep a close eye on your income-

When you accidentally hand-stamp paint onto places on your artwork that paint shouldn’t be-

But even when you don’t make a mistake, artworks rarely turn out the way you first imagined-

And the days when you just have no inspiration or motivation, and feel like you never produce anything good-

And you turn to your Work In Progress collection to see if there’s something there you could use-

And people seem to like your rough sketches better than the finished work you slave hours on-

But then, normally when you’re trying to fall asleep, inspiration strikes-

But you look at your your huge to-do list and realise you don’t have time to paint again for a week-

But then you finally get to paint, and TOTALLY NAIL IT!

And you have to get online right away and SHOW EVERYBODY!

And how you feel when other people liked what you created-

And how all the people who follow your work are so awesome, but you’re an introverted shut in with poor social skills-

And the number one reason as an artist I love what I do-

Got any more fun GIFs that relate to being an artist? Post them in the comments!

7 thoughts on “An Artists Life- Expressed in funny GIFs

  1. Katie @ AMotherThing says:

    I never got to the point where I actually made money off of my art, and since I had my first son (nearly 3 years ago) I’ve done a grand total of ONE painting, so clearly I’m not able to relate to all of these… however, I totally want to rip my heart out at the idea of hand stamping! I have done it FAR too many times and ruined FAR too many paintings.

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you for putting this together Selina, can soooo relate to them, hehe.

    The 2nd one resonates with me the most – I’m on my 3rd keyboard in a year, I wish I could find some replacement stick on letters when they wear away – painting with Tippex makes them spodgy, hehehehe 🙂

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