New Colouring Books Round Up

Has it really been more than half a year and I haven’t done a post about my new colouring books? Certainly seems that way. Sometimes with trying to keep up with all the things I so, something slips by. So let’s do a catch up of the new colouring books I’ve released so far in […]

Selina's Art

Tears and Moonlight – New Art from Selina

After playing with different mediums for a while, I decided to go back to an old favourite for this painting- watercolour. And old favourite subjects as well, a fairy and a dragon. As with my Moonboat artwork, I wanted to incorporate some words into this image. The subtle text around the moon says “A spell […]


The Empath Chronicles will continue!

This year, I am returning to writing. And the first place I’m starting, is writing more stories in the Empath Chronicles! So far, I’m planning two more main novella-to-novel length books in the series that will continue Livvy’s story, and also 2-3 more short stories that will explore side characters the way Emotionally Scarred explored […]


Colouring Book FAQ

2016 shall forever forth be known as the year of colouring books. It’s been a wild ride, and over the year there have been many questions popping up again and again. I’m going to try and A some of these FAQs here. How many colouring books do you have? Which ones are most popular? It’s […]


Faedorables – Super cute new coloring book!

I hope you’re ready to have your heart melted, because I’ve switched things up a bit with my newest coloring book. Rather than my normal more realistic style, I’ve had so much fun creating these super cute Faedorable designs! I started doing these designs for my daughter, when she requested something to color from me. […]


New Halloween and Gothic Coloring Books

Halloween is coming, and (thanks to my daughter’s birthdate of the 31st October) it’s now one of my favourite holidays! I love Halloween and all the spooky fun it entails! Last month I released a new gothic and Halloween themed colouring book titled Night Magic, and this week I have released a new mini pocket […]