Book Spotlight- Beneath Lies Beauty by Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly


Paris: 1882. Thousands flee the fire of the famous Opera Garnier, and a man hunt begins for the monster behind the destruction, The Phantom of the Opera. Introveted and quick witted, twenty-two year old Sophie , a seamstress at the Opera House, is just one more displaced person struggling to rebuild her life after the disaster. But Sophie knows secrets, for underneath the grand building is an enchanted world of hidden passages, underground lakes and secret rooms. Confronted by the magnetic Phantom himself, Sophie embarks on the adventure of a lifetime as she enters a world of candlelight and stone in the fight for one man’s soul at the risk of losing her own.

My Review

When I learned that long time artist friend Capt’n Jacq was writing a novella, I jumped at the chance to read it, and I wasn’t disappointed. Beneath Lies Beauty is a beautifully written and romantic tale based on the Phantom of the Opera. Even if you aren’t a big fan of the Phantom (I barely remember how it goes…) the story is engaging, leading you into the Phantom’s world. It is foremost a romance, but has some great adventure and excitement as well. Sophie is a fantastic character, and she holds her own when faced with the imposing Phantom. It’s a fairly quick read but is cleverly written and leaves you satisfied!

Beneath Lies Beauty also includes some great interior artwork by Jacqueline as well!

An Interview with Jacqueline

Are you a big fan of Phantom of the Opera, or what inspired you to write your own sequel?

No more so than the millions upon millions of people who have bought tickets to the stage productions or movies. I am not one of the “Phans” ( Phantom groupies, as they are called), but I did enjoy both the show and the 2004 movie. I haven’t seen the older films. What inspired me was really just a chance conversation with someone about the lack of a decent sequel.

I loved your writing style. I’ve known you as an artist (and actor and model, you’re too multi-talented!) and now writing as well. Have you done much writing in the past?

Thank you! That makes me feel good. I have actually. I was first published at age 12: a short story in a local newspaper. I’ve been fairly consistently published since then with a variety of magazine articles, poems, etc. I have written full sized novels before, but this is the first I’ve published.

Do you plan to do more writing in the future?

Well, as I didn’t really plan to write this one I don’t honestly know. I do know that I had an awful lot of fun with it and ideas have been swirling through my brain ever since. Now that I have the process of publishing down I cant imagine I wont wind up doing more. And I am working on a coffee-table book.

Quick Questions

1. Which would you pick- fame, money, happiness, or easy inspiration? Happiness..all the rest just comes with it!
2. Did you plot your book out first, or just write and see where it went? Plotted. But it happened within 48 hours.
3. Word count of your last book? Errrmmm…uhhh…I dunno???
4. How many drafts from first to final? About half a dozen.
5. Author/Artist stereotypes Yes or No-

Catowner: Used to be, would be now but have allergic husband. Dogs/Horses/Turtle instead. Does that count?
Coffee addict: Yes. Please
Recluse: Whenever possible
LateNight Worker: Also whenever possible

You can find Jacqueline online at:

I’m all over the web! is my main website. Then the wordpress site for the book is My facebook is, and my twitter is

Grab your copy of Beneath Lies Beauty at Amazon or Toadstool Farm.


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