New Colouring Books Round Up

Has it really been more than half a year and I haven’t done a post about my new colouring books? Certainly seems that way. Sometimes with trying to keep up with all the things I so, something slips by. So let’s do a catch up of the new colouring books I’ve released so far in 2017!

Fairy Magic

My most recent release! Fairy Magic – Whimsical Fantasy Coloring Book is, obviously, full of fairies!

Cute fairies, fairy portraits, fairy doorways, and there are a couple of sneaky dragons too.


Ponds and Flowers

This was a bit of a different release for me. Not part of my usual fantasy theme of work, this book was created with my parents in mind.

They are avid watergardeners, and the designs in this book are based on photos from their gardens and plants.

I grew up surrounded by ponds and flowers, so they are very special to me too, so this is my little homage to these beautiful plants.


Memory’s Wake

These books came as a double release! The line art and grayscale versions being launched at the same time.

These books are, of course, based on the illustrations from my fantasy novels trilogy, Memory’s Wake. With lots of Victorian style and romantic scenes, some of my most details work is in these books.

Line Art Edition

Grayscale Edition

What’s Next?

I’ve already started work on the next Faedorables style book, which will be “Cute and Creepy” themed. After that I’m considering an inspiring words style book and a fantasy alphabet book, plus maybe some more grayscale editions.

Colouring Book FAQ

2016 shall forever forth be known as the year of colouring books. It’s been a wild ride, and over the year there have been many questions popping up again and again. I’m going to try and A some of these FAQs here.

How many colouring books do you have? Which ones are most popular?

It’s been an incredible year which I still struggle in some ways to comprehend, with my colouring books going into the hands of over 50,000 people! Yes, all those zeroes! My brain doesn’t even work in numbers that big!

I have 16 titles available now. Ten traditional outline/line art books, three greyscale books, and three mini sized compilations.

Mermaids is the overall most popular over the whole year, followed by Enchanted, but on any given month often the newest released title is the bestseller. Mermaids, Enchanted, and Gothic all spent a decent amount of time with an Amazon bestseller flag though, which was cool to see!

Why print two of each image in each book?

The answer here it two-fold. As I say in the books themselves- “When designing my books I decided to print them with two copies of each design, because I know as an artist there are always so many possibilities! I wanted to give everybody the chance of a do-over with every design. Try a different medium, or a different colour scheme. Or a chance to share the magic with a friend, child, parent, sibling. Because sharing your creativity and joy of color is the best magic of all.” As an artist, I also know the stress and pressure of “getting it right”! I see having two copies as a way to reduce this pressure.

Secondly, I chose to do 25 artworks in each book because it worked well for the themes I was planning, and the time I had to create them. Adding more designs would of course mean each book took longer to create. Some books I wouldn’t even have had more than 25 suitable artworks to fit the theme. So I settled on 25 designs. However, then I realised that the printing company I used were charging exactly the same price whether I printed a 25 page book, or a 50 page book. So I decided to try and add extra value for those buying by including two sets of the 25 designs.

Are there any options for better Paper quality?

Currently, all of my books are created using Print on Demand companies. These companies do ALL the work for me- they manage sales on Amazon and other stores, print the books, and ship the books. This is a fantastic service, because if I had to ship 50,000 books by myself, well, there’s no way I could have done that. That would be insane.

But their service comes at a cost- they only offer one type of paper for their books. Standard novel paper. I’ve tried the books out myself and feel that the paper is okay. It’s not artist quality paper by a long shot, but not bad for what people used to expect for colouring books. But expectations for colouring books are now much higher. I’ve been looking and looking for ways to improve, but haven’t found the right solution yet.

Why haven’t I published with a traditional publisher instead? I’ve had offers, believe me. More than a few traditional publishers have contacted me for the rights to my books, but the offers have never made sense either financially, or in terms of getting my books out when and how I wanted them.

But next year there will be more options! Nemesis Now will be producing a “deluxe” edition of some of my colouring designs, and I will also be printing the copies I sell direct through my website here on better paper as well- watch for an announcement on when they are in!

Why are the Faedorables so different, and will you do more?

Faedorables, in a way, was inspired by my daughter. Whenever I printed out proofs of my colouring designs, she’d end up with a wad of pages to colour, but she wasn’t really interested in most of them. They were a bit too grown up, or a bit too intimidating due to the detail.

But she knew what I was doing, and that I was drawing these things, so she started requesting I draw some just for her to colour. And when I had time I obliged, sketching out these little cuties as quick as I could. And she loved them, and I did more, until I had a reasonable collection.

I shared one on facebook to see if anyone else would be interested in them and the response was huge. So I went through and tidied up all my quick sketches and drew some more to get a full set of 25.

And they were SO much fun to create. I’d love to do more and already have lots of ideas for other Faedorable themes. So keep an eye out for another book next year!

How do you decide themes and what to include in each book?

Listing artworks and planning themes.

At first it was fairly simple. I had hundreds of artworks I’d created over the years so I would browse through them and pick 25 images in a theme together that would make a good colouring designs. As I’ve done more and more books though, I’m starting to run out of designs, and needing to be more creative about how the artworks fit into themes. Even books like Goddess and Mythology, I had over 25 goddess and mythology themed works, but I didn’t feel many of them in their original forms were overtly “goddessy” enough. There’s often a lot of editing, additions, and changes that happen between the artwork stage and the final outline design.

Can you do a colouring book of… (Insert Theme Here)?

I love getting suggestions for new books, and I wish I could do them all! Each colouring book I create takes 2-3 months of SOLID work to complete. I’m talking 8 hours plus of outlining every work day, and sometimes in the night on family days, to meet the deadlines I set myself. I give priority to themes that I already have content available to base designs on- e.g. my finished artworks. If you’re asking me for a theme that is something I don’t have a lot of completed work for already that I can base designs on, then it will be a much longer wait, because of that priority, and also because creating the designs from scratch takes much longer than outlining my finished art- even when I add or change them. But do keep suggesting, I’m listening, and might get there some day!

What colouring books are coming next?

You can always check my Upcoming Works page to see what is on my to-do list for new releases. I try to keep it updated (although looking now I can already see a book or two missing from my plans!)

Does Selina colour her own work?

See above about creating the colouring designs based on my finished paintings. Generally I paint first, create the outline afterwards. For all the designs in my books which don’t have a finished artwork done first, many of them I’ve pulled from my sketches and unfinished artworks folders- so they may one day have a finished work based on them! But I really am more of a painter than colourer, and generally work in a more painterly (read: messy!) style than work with clean outlines. So if you’re looking for advice about what coloured pencils or markers are best to colour with, better to ask fellow colourists, like those in the Selina Fenech Coloring Love Facebook group 🙂

Got any more questions? Feel free to ask away in the comments!

Faedorables – Super cute new coloring book!

I hope you’re ready to have your heart melted, because I’ve switched things up a bit with my newest coloring book. Rather than my normal more realistic style, I’ve had so much fun creating these super cute Faedorable designs!

I started doing these designs for my daughter, when she requested something to color from me. Every other day was “Selina (yes, she calls me Selina!), can you draw me an alicorn with a fairy?” or “Can you draw me a mermaid and a turtle?”. After a while I had built up quick a collection and decided to turn them into a coloring book. And it turned out just SUPER CUTE.

coloring-faedorablesallClick the image to see it larger

It’s available on Amazon now, on sale at 7.75 – (Affiliate links)

These designs are simple and sweet, perfect for children or grown ups who need some smiles 🙂

It’s hard to choose, but I think my favorite is the baby dragon puffing a smokey heart at a fairy. It just makes me go SQUEEEEE! Which is your favourite Faedorable?


Festive Magic – Fantasy Christmas Coloring Book

When it hits November, time seems to speed up in a rush towards the end of the year. And the end of the year to many people means Christmas. I’ve prepared early this year with the release of this Christmas themed colouring book!


When I was creating and curating the images for this coloring book, I wanted to make a collection that had a Christmassy feel, but could also be used at other times as well. There are some very Christmassy designs which feature holly and baubles and presents and candy canes, but there are also many others which are simple beautiful, festive feeling fairies and angels. They could easily be coloured to make them very Christmassy (I keep using this word. It is a real word, right?) or they could be coloured in any way you like at any time of the year.

Eight of the designs in this book were outlined for me by a talented young artist, Jenna. She did a great job, and it was nice to take some strain off my own wrist in creating these outlined versions of my art. I’m hoping to have Jenna do some more outlining for me in the future to free me up to do some new creations. Jenna worked on the Choirs Angels and Nouveau Angels series. What do you think of her work? If you’d like to see her own creations, check out her Instagram.

These sweet designs range from fairly simple to more detailed, and could be enjoyed by all ages.

It’s available in my store direct from me now (signed!) or from Amazon and other online retailers.

Try a page from this book for free!

Click the image to download the larger version.


New Halloween and Gothic Coloring Books

Halloween is coming, and (thanks to my daughter’s birthdate of the 31st October) it’s now one of my favourite holidays! I love Halloween and all the spooky fun it entails!

Last month I released a new gothic and Halloween themed colouring book titled Night Magic, and this week I have released a new mini pocket sized edition colouring book, which includes all the designs from Gothic and Night Magic together in one totally cute mini edition!

To celebrate Halloween, I’m putting both these and the Gothic colouring book on sale.

Goddess and Mythology Coloring Book for Adults is Finished

I’m so proud to announce the publication of my 7th colouring book (not including mini or greyscale editions)!


Goddess and Mythology Coloring Book features goddesses from all over the world, including Antheia, Aphrodite, Arianrhod, Athena, Blodeuwedd, Cerridwen, Coventina, Diana, Echo, Fidelma, Gaia, Guanyin, Horned God and Goddess, Ishtar, Isis, Lady of the Lake, Morrigan Triple Goddess, Nuwa, Oshun, Rhiannon, Selene, Shiva and Parvati, Tempestas, Valkyrie, Wiccan god and goddess.

Check out all the designs below (click to enlarge!)-


My new book is available now on Amazon, with more stores coming soon!

I’ve also been so flat out with work, it seems I forgot to also announce the release of my previous colouring book, Mythical Mermaids! It’s the second collection of my mermaid images, and includes more darker, adult, and pin up style mermaids. You can also find it on Amazon, or in my store here-


Greyscale Colouring – A new way to enjoy adult coloring

If you’ve been enjoying my coloring* books and you’re looking for a way to up your coloring game, you might be interested to try out my new Grayscale Coloring Editions! These books contain the same artworks as my existing coloring books, but printed as grayscale versions of the original paintings rather than recreated as new outlined versions. There are two books out already, and more coming soon! What exactly is grayscale coloring? Read on to find out and try a free sample yourself…

Grayscale Coloring- Unlike traditional outlined coloring

Grayscale coloring offers a different coloring experience than normal outlined designs. Coloring over a grayscale artwork where the tonal values are already in place means most of the shading has been done for you, creating much richer final creations like magic.



How Does Grayscale Coloring Work?

Begin by coloring a single color over an entire area, just as you would fill a blank space in a traditional coloring book, and the grayscale image underneath does the work of shading for you. Advanced colorists can use the grayscale values as a guide to layering their own choices of light and dark colors. Working with a grayscale image is very similar to how artists work with monochrome or grisaille underpaintings, and is a great way to help train your eyes and hands to understanding values and creating beautiful artworks.



  • If you coloring pencils or mediums are too opaque or waxy and are covering up the grayscale image too much, practice varying how heavily you apply them. Sometimes you may need them thicker in the darker areas (when using a dark color), and sometimes you might need them thinner, allowing more black to show through (when using a lighter color), depending on the color you are using.
  • Work from dark to light. Lighter pencils can be waxy and prevent darker colors holding, and using light last over darker colours will help blend all the colors together.
  • Always keep your pencils well sharpened, you’ll get better results with less effort.
  • Try picking a light, medium, and dark color for each area and use the grayscale image as a guide for where to place them. The three shades don’t need to be the same color, for example, try lemon yellow for light areas, orange for medium, and red or purple for shadows. This is a great combination for skin.
  • To avoid skin looking muddy from the gray image underneath, use an orange-red color for the darker areas of skin, around fingers, toes, knees, elbows, shoulders, lips, cheeks, and nose to give the skin life.
  • A colorless blending marker can help blend colored pencils and remove some of the waxy shiny.
  • Instead of using black, try a very dark green, blue, or purple for the darkest areas for a more mystical look.

Ready to try it for yourself?

Not everyone likes grayscale coloring as it’s a different style to normal outlined coloring and requires a different way of working. So here’s are two free printable sample pages so you can try out grayscale coloring and see if it’s for you. I hope you love the results you get! Just click the image to download the full size.

SelinaFenech_GrayscaleFairy SelinaFenech_GrayscaleMermaid

Ready to try out a book?

There are two grayscale edition books out now, with more coming soon. You can get Fairy Art Grayscale Edition Coloring or Mermaids Grayscale Edition coloring from Amazon, or direct from me in Australia from my shop below.

*coloring, colouring, grayscale, greyscale! UK and US english differences are making my head spin! I publish in US english but I’m a UK english user naturally, so forgive me if I switch between the two sometimes!

New Release, New Covers, and Coloring Book Sale

My newest release, Gothic – Dark Fantasy Coloring Book, is out now and is also now in stock here at (or here for Amazon)

As part of this new release, I’ve redesigned and updated the covers of all of my coloring book range. Don’t they look pretty? An improvement on the old design?



Now what am I to do with all of my stock of books with the old covers? Put them on sale of course! All the large size books have been reduced from $14.95 to $9.95 AUD. That’s about $7.40 USD, and these books come SIGNED from me (with a bunch of other goodies!). Minis is also on sale. Check them all out below!


Fairy Companions Coloring Book, so sweet!



I’m so pleased with my newest coloring book. I went with a “Fairy Companions” theme – that means fairies with friends, pets, family, in love, and lots of dragons! It turned out SO sweet! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just flicking through all these designs of romantic fairies and friendly animals.

It just went live on Amazon, with more stores coming soon. Here’s the link-

I will also have it available in my store here for signed copies in late November.


Check out all the included artworks in the image below-Colouring_FC-Samples2
And thanks to everyone who has been enjoying my coloring books! I’m still in honest shock at how popular they have been, hitting the bestseller charts over and over! I have plans for more, more, more! The next will be Gothic themed, and I’m also planning another Mermaid book and even a Memory’s Wake coloring collection! What coloring collection are you looking forward to most?

Find out more about Fairy Companions Coloring Book

My other colouring books-

Forest theme! Fairies and sorceresses in foresty settings. Highly detailed.

On Amazon or SIGNED direct from me!

Mermaids, mermaids, mermaids! In calm ocean settings with dolphins, whales, turtles and other ocean creatures. Highly detailed.

On Amazon or SIGNED direct from me!

My first and easiest coloring book, mostly fairies, but a couple of unicorns and things as well!

On Amazon or SIGNED direct from me!

Fantasy Coloring – New Book and Calendar!

Coloring is taking over the world, or at least, my studio! I’ve been hard at work creating a new coloring book since releasing my Mermaids collection, and have also got a 2016 coloring calendar available now.


The Color Your Year calendar is on sale right now! With twelve of my artworks to color in, this is a beautiful gift for children to color in and parents to appreciate their kids artwork all year long. Or adults can also enjoy coloring in these detailed artworks. Color them all at once, or work on the calendar one month at a time. At the end of the year the calendar becomes a wonderful keepsake.

And if that’s not enough coloring for you, signed copies of my newest coloring collection, Enchanted, is up for preorder as well. Enchanted features all of my forest themed artworks and is full of fairies, dragons and unicorns. If you want to get your copy ASAP though, you can always grab it on Amazon.