New Store, New Products, and SALES!

It’s here! The new store to replace the old Fairies and Fantasy online shop is here!

I’ve been making some big changes in how I work, and you can read about why I closed down the previous store in my last blog post here. The tl;dr version is that I am moving toward less manufacturing myself so I can paint more again.

The new store, which can be found at the same address, has a heap of fun new products and designs featuring my art, including lots of things I’ve had many requests for. HUGE art prints and stretched canvas? YES. They go up to 24×36 inches in size (16×20 was the largest I offered before). Clothing? YES YES! Homewares? OH YES!

Dive right in and have a browse now at

And you can use the coupon code NEWNEWNEW to get 10% off your order during the grand opening sale!

Although the old Fairies and Fantasy range is now mostly gone, I still have some products left I’m clearing out of my studio for good. Which means clear out sales are also still happening!

NOTEBOOKS are down to 9.95aud!

DIY Darling Dolls are 50% off over on my Etsy store!

Looking for Something?

I’m currently taking requests for the new Fairies and Fantasy range! I’m not offering any new product types just yet (although hope to in “Phase Two” once “Phase One” settles in!), so please don’t ask for products that aren’t on the site (e.g. blankets). But, if there is an artwork you love that isn’t available on one of the products offered, let me know and I’ll try and set it up for you! Want Storykeeper on a towel? Sure! How about a Tote Bag with Bubbles? CAN DO. Just let me know and I’ll try and get it online for you ASAP.

What do you think of the new store and product designs?


2016 review and onward into 2017

It’s that time of year. 2016 was a blur of, well let’s be honest, many terrible things. But amidst all that it’s easy to forget all we’ve achieved, so let’s have a look back at what I got done in 2016. Spoiler alert- it was a metric butt-tonne.


My artwork was licensed onto 15 new figurines and hundreds of phone and device cases.

I traded at Supanova, St Ives Medieval Fair, Winter Fest, Glebe St Fair, and Central Coast Christmas Markets. Book Expo was cancelled in a very disappointing manner and won’t be one of my attended shows again.

I painted Eye of the Storm, Moon Boat, 78 Tarot Astral High Priestess (yet to be released), 78 Tarot Carnival- Strength and some mini paintings- Locked, Dipped in Stars and Rainbows, Silver Butterflies, and Together through the Storm.

I published and released two huge deluxe style 2017 calendars.

The French edition of Memory’s Wake book one was released, and books 2 and 3 of the series were released on Audio finishing the trilogy there.

Emotionally Charged was optioned for TV, and a script for the pilot episode was written by the studio I’m working with, and is being presented to TV networks.

I published 10 colouring books- Gothic, Goddess and Myth, Gothic Minis, Mermaid Minis, Festive Magic, Faedorables, Mythic Mermaids, Grayscale Mermaids, Grayscale Enchanted, and Night Magic. I sold over 50,000 colouring books (including Christmas of 2015), and have signed with a couple of publishers for a European release and Hong Kong release.

I released the new Easy Display Art Prints option, and am discontinuing many of my other product types from my Fairies and Fantasy business as I move away from doing manufacturing myself. I will continue making prints and books, but may stop selling all other products- planning there continues to evolve.


I am cutting down on trading at in-person events, but I will attend Books by the Bridge, Mind Body Spirit, and Supanova.

I am, somewhat sadly, saying goodbye to my DIY Dolls range. They were super fun to create, and I might still occasionally do some designs for fun, but I want to dedicate my time more to artworks and fiction from now on.

Colouring Books will still be a thing. I have two more grayscale books planned, and two more outline books planned. I might also do another Faedorables book as well, but colouring book releases won’t be as frequent as in 2016.

I aim to write two more stories in the Empath Chronicles series to wrap that storyline up. They are all planned and ready to go, and I even started writing them at the Story Queens writing retreat.

In fiction writing I have plans for 5 other standalone novels I’d LOVE to write, plus a new series, but I’m not sure on the ifs and whens for these yet.

I have a couple ideas for non-fiction books I’d like to do as well, an art/creative business how-to style book mainly. It’s been on my list for a long time, and as with most things, just waiting for me to find time or make it a priority.

I’ve been working on finding ways to bring my art and my writing together more. With this in mind, there may be children’s books or other picture book style projects in the future.

I want to paint more. I feel as though, with the little mini experiments with new mediums I’ve been doing, that I’m starting to get a better feel for the mediums I like (oils, watercolours, graphite, and markers are interesting me most currently) and don’t like (canvas. Yep, finally worked out I really don’t like painting on canvas.) I feel as though I’m on the cusp of defining a method and style I can really own, that I really click with, but know it will take a lot more trial and error to really get there. I plan to make more time for this in 2017.

What would you like to see me do more of in 2017?

Help shape what direction my creations take in the future by filling in this 2 minute survey

2017 Calendars are here, and they are beautiful!

I’m a little bit on love with the 2017 calendars that have just arrived from the printers. This year, I splurged on printing larger size, thicker paper, deluxe style calendars and they have turned out BEAUTIFULLY.

I’m offering a choice of either an artwork calendar with full colour, luscious prints, or a colouring calendar which you can colour in yourself. Each one has a print size of 11 x 14 inches!

The Art Calendar


With thirteen fantasy artworks by Selina never featured in calendars before, this 11×14 inch calendar is a special deluxe size- larger than previous years. The print quality is gorgeous! At the end of the year you can cut the artworks out and frame them (11×14 is a standard frame size). It’s like getting thirteen 11×14 inch prints for the price of one!

  • 13 month 2017 calendar (Starts December 2016 through to December 2017)
  • SIGNED by Selina
  • Deluxe 11×14 inch image area and date page, huge 11 x 28 inches when open.
  • Staple bound.
  • Hole cut for hanging.
  • Large date boxes for your notes.
  • Luxurious, thick, semigloss paper
  • Australian Made
  • Limited edition! Only 200 to be printed.
Order Now

The Colouring Calendar


With thirteen colouring designs by Selina to color in, this is a beautiful gift for children to color in and parents to appreciate their kids artwork all year long. Or adults can also enjoy coloring in these detailed fairy and fantasy themed artworks. Color them all at once, or work on the calendar one month at a time. At the end of the year the calendar becomes a wonderful keepsake, or cut your coloured pages out and frame them (11×14 is a standard frame size!).

  • 12 month 2017 calendar
  • SIGNED by Selina
  • Deluxe 11×14 inch image area and date page, 11 x 28 inches when open.
  • Staple bound.
  • Hole cut for hanging.
  • Large date boxes for your notes.
  • Extra thick paper for colouring.
  • 13 colouring designs in total
  • Australian Made
  • Limited edition! Only 200 to be printed.
Order Now

Keen on getting one of each, or more?

Use the coupon code twofor2017 to get $5 off EVERY calendar you order when buying more than one!

15 Fabulous Fantasy Figurines New from Selina Fenech

A while ago, I licensed my artworks to a couple of companies for the creation of figurines based on my work. Since then they’ve been working hard behind the scenes sculpting the designs and confirming colours, and they have been creating such beautiful work! Some of these designs are available already, and the rest are available for pre-order. I don’t keep these in stock myself because I just don’t have the storage space, so the best place to order these is the wonderful Fairy Glen store.

Shop for Selina Fenech Figurines at Fairy Glen

Just check out these beauties!


Look at those bubbles! Makes me want to take a bath right now.


This one is a wall plaque designed for hanging on your wall.


I love the way they have coloured Fairy Wishing Well, beautiful work, don’t you agree?


Check out that tiny key!

I just adore the use of transparent materials in these figurines. So magical!


Guardian was released as a figurine many years ago and sold out, leaving many people trying to find one of this rare design. It’s now available again!


Impossible Love is also available again!


This version of Littlest Fairy is super sweet.


Another wall plaque style design, this Motherhood figurine is ready to hang.


Shimmer is the perfect fairy guardian to watch over you from her tower.


Just look at this face. This face! Isn’t she the sweetest thing?


Designed as a book end, this is one of my favourites. It just makes me feel as though I’m really underwater with her.


Okay. Seriously. How awesome is this? Threshold has got a built in light! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these, it’s going to make the perfect nightlight for my daughter.


The waves in this design blow me away. How cool is this? Something so magical about this design, like they’ve frozen real tiny waves in place.


Winged Things turned out so elegant and magical. She’s quite a tall figurine and so majestic!

Can you tell I’m excited and head over heels in love with these? Because I am! I mean, what an excellent job the artists at the figurine companies have done! I’m in absolute awe.

Which design is your favourite?


Memory’s Wake – The Official Illustrated Companion Guide

It’s been a busy 2015, so busy, that this little gem in my collection never really got the fanfare that it deserved for when it was published back in June. I was looking at it again the other day and feeling I really was quite proud of it. So here I am, giving it a bit of proper spotlight!

It is, of course, “Memory’s Wake – The Official Illustrated Companion Guide”


I designed this book originally with one idea in mind…

What if people who read my story in ebooks want to have a hard copy of all the illustrations from the trilogy?

I wanted to create a book to solve that need. A beautiful collectors item which brings back the memory (teehee) of the story and world and characters.

As I started creating it, it became something more.

I started separating all the illustrations into groups- Characters, Worlds, Magic, Locations. And then I started writing. I chose all of my favourite quotes from the trilogy and included them. I wrote information and backstory on all the elements of the books. I included secret insight into what I was thinking as I wrote this tale. And it all came together into this beautiful celebration of all things Memory’s Wake. I flick through it and I’m instantly taken back into the story, back into the moments and emotions, and back with my characters again.

Here’s a sneak peak at the table of contents-


And here is what it looks like inside-



If you loved Memory’s Wake and want a way to revisit the characters and world again, whether you read on ebook or not, this is a great way to be taken back to Avall again and learn more about it at the same time. You can, of course, get them directly from me, signed, at 

If you’re not in Australia like me and want cheaper or faster shipping and don’t mind going without a signature (Pssst! I’m planning on offering nice signed bookplates you can stick in your books-from-other-shops soon!), you can grab the Companion Guide on Amazon at 

There is also a slightly cheaper paperback option available there.

Of course, if you haven’t read Memory’s Wake yet and want to speed through the ebooks, you can get the completed trilogy as an ebook box set for around $8 and change at 

I wouldn’t recommend reading the Companion Guide before the trilogy itself. It’s FULL of spoilers, nothing held back at all!

Providence Unveiled – The Memory’s Wake Trilogy is Complete

After many years of work, the Memory’s Wake trilogy is now complete! Providence Unveiled has been released, ending the tale of Memory, her friends, and the land of Avall.

Just when she is finding herself, Memory is about to lose everything. Home, friendship, family, goals, love… Memory will break all the rules to try and save what is important to her, but her actions are being manipulated by a dark force toward a dark end. Worlds will be broken, love will be stolen, and sacrifices will be made.

In this final novel of the Memory’s Wake trilogy, the truth will be unveiled.

Take a gander at the AWESOME animated trailer!

Thanks to Lydia Kurnia for that amazing song, custom written for the book!

On the 30th I had a fantastic release party over on Facebook with a heap of lovely people. If you missed it, you can still stop in and read over some of the conversations and watch some funny videos of me here- 

Reviews for the final novel are already coming in, and I’m SO HAPPY that people are enjoying it! Seriously, I was freaking out a little. Finishing a story is hard, and I wanted to have a great end to this. The ebook is still on sale until the end of February- 


Thanks to everyone who helped Providence Unveiled break three Amazon Best Seller lists during its launch week!


Have you finished the trilogy yet? What did you think?


*April Fools* Status Update on Memory’s Wake Trilogy

Everyone’s been asking- When is the last book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy coming out?

The last book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy has taken longer than expected to finish. I had a set plan of where I wanted the story to go, but as I was writing, the story took on a life of it’s own and wanted to go a different way, changing to a very different story to where I started out! Originally I had plans for the final book to encompass all the worlds of the Memory’s Wake universe, with the characters travelling from Avall to both the fairy realm and the modern realm that also exist around it. There is the mysterious Providence, the big bad to be revealed, and many more mysteries to be solved for Memory and her friends.

But the story and characters had other ideas, and they decided they wanted to hit the high seas! It took a lot of rewriting and work which is why it’s been taking so long, but the final book of the Memory’s Wake trilogy will now have a very piratey, sea-faring feel too it. Arrgh, me hearties!

To reflect the changes to the story line, I’ve also updated the cover art, check it out!


The good news is, I have a finished first draft! There is a lot of rewriting and editing still to do to make this the best book in the trilogy (well of COURSE it’s going to be the best book, it has PIRATES!). And then I still have the illustrations to do (lots of illustrations of pirates!!!). Once I’m further into my revisions, I will be able to announce a clearer-if-tentative release date.

What do you all think? Aren’t pirates JUST what the Memory’s Wake trilogy needed?

Memory’s Wake Review Tour

Memory’s Wake is going on tour! A blog tour that is 🙂 With the help of Xpresso Books, a fantastic line of up book bloggers are reading and reviewing Memory’s Wake over the coming week.

Here is a complete list of the blogs. Stop by, see what they thought of Memory’s Wake, and be sure to join in the competitions at each stop!

As each blog posts their review, I’m going to paste in a little snippet of their thoughts in below as well 🙂

November 11th

Books A to Z
“Oh does this book have cheeky dialogue! Absolutely loved it! A lot of quotable and humorous lines.”
Pieces of Whimsy
“This book was a great read. Well written with fantastic characters and magical creatures. I loved the mystery and the romance and all the other fantastical bits inbetween.”
Hot Off the Shelves
“Difficult to put down with vivid details and characters.  It is a great book for fantasy lovers – young or old.”
Porter’s Pages
“I love a good fantasy that makes me wonder if the world is truly real and if the author got some kind of pass to take a glimpse. I believed in these characters, this world, and the story.”
The Diary of an Engineer
“I finished the book in one day and it worth my time.”
Book Cracker Caroline
“This book was kind of amazing. I’ve read A LOT of books about fairies and while I do enjoy them, the concept can get a little stale. This book, however, was completely original and the polar opposite of stale.”
“The world the author created was wonderful and fantastical, with faeries and dragons and all of the wonders that you would expect to find in such a magical place. ”
Fantasy is More Fun
Memory’s Wake was a marvelously unique story, with endearing characters and a plot that kept me engaged. The mysterious elements worked extremely well and I never knew what was coming next, which made this a really fun and exciting read.”

November 12th

The YA Lit Chick
“Beginning with plenty of action that doesn’t fade out as the book goes on, but rather, ascends to new levels with added mystery and reveal, Memory’s Wake will not disappoint.”
All things in the Cloud Sweet
“The adventure, romance and excitement, small parts Funny and magical spark that accompanies the book are linked very well. Reading is very fresh, with modern and classic styles.”
“On the topic of the pictures, they were dotted randomly throughout the book and each one was very beautiful. They painted such a pretty picture of the characters in your head and expressed the characters the way that the author saw them. The picture at the very end was my favourite, I love it and can’t stop thinking about it.”
“I loved this book. I loved everything about it, especially the pictures. I felt like a little girl again reading about fairies and magic. This book was amazing. ”
The Book Fix
“I quite enjoyed the story and the characters, although I do think that the fae and Will (who we find out the least about) were the most interesting. ”
All in a Book
Memory’s Wake is a more classical take on fairy mythology, set in a land straight out of a, for lack of a better term, fairytale. The story itself contains all the wonder of such stories, the kind we all read as children, but with more action, mysteries, and teen angst. It was a fun ride in an absorbing world, full of wonder.”

November 13th
“I was curious as to how everything would end, and will say I wouldn’t have ever predicted the ending.”
Krystal’s Enchanting Reads
“I loved every glorious page and couldn’t wait for more stuff to happen. I became so immersed in this book which made it that much more enjoyable. Selina really knew how to draw a reader in and create this world that you never wanted to leave.”
Fae Books
“It’s great and really takes you out of the here and now which is important to me when reading. I like books that can hold my attention firmly and take me away from the day to day life. ”
Buried Under Books
“There are definitely some very enjoyable characters that Selina Fenech built into this magical journey.”
The Book Addict
“This is one of the best indie books I have read. Fenech takes an interesting fantasy story and enhances it with her amazing artwork and crafted prose. ”

November 14th

My Book Addiction
Memory’s Wake is full of vivid imagery and wild, magical creatures that one can only find in the grandest of fantasy novels. The storyline is remarkably unique and unpredictable. I’m not able to say that often, but this tale is a work of art in itself. The writing style is fanciful and made me feel as if I was literally being whisked away on a magical wave straight into the heart of the story. I read the entire book in one night because I didn’t want the adventure, which is packed full of exciting twists and turns, to come to an end. Yeah, I paid for it the next day. It happens. I lived.. on countless gallons of coffee.”
Rose & Beps Blog
Unraveling Words
Read it in Houston
“The character I loved the most was Will. There’s something about a topless, toned, mysterious man that will make any woman’s heart melt. I desperately wanted Memory to pin his toned ass to the ground and plant a steamy kiss on him.”
Word to Dreams
“This is the kind of book that YA fantasy readers will devour.  Fae, fairies, magic, trolls, dragons, etc are common place.  Just about every turn of the page has some type of fantasy element before the reader. ”
DJ’s Book Corner
“You always know there is going to be a battle of good and evil. It’s how this battle plays out that makes it wonderful. There’s plenty of action and drama…and dragons!”

November 15th

Sunshine & Mountains Book Reviews
Desert Rose Reviews
“Well written, full of emotions and surprises, clean in it’s subtle romance, and full of humor, this book is sure to entertain any reader, and leave you wanting more. ”
What She Reads
“Fenech’s imaginations really comes to life through the pages and i’m so excited that this is part of a trilogy as I did not want the story to end.”
Primrose Musings

November 16th

The Book Shimmy
Because reading is better than real life
“A strong story with a cast of wonderful characters, you will simply fall in love with. The illustrations in the book really bring a lot to the story and they are gorgeous! My favorite is the last illustration in the book. I must have stared at it a dozen times, it’s absolutely amazing. I strongly recommend this book, it is a great read and going to be a fantastic series!”
Bookwyrming Thoughts
book bliss
“The book jumps in with an immediate bang as we are found in Avall with no memories of who the main character is or where she came from. From each page there after the tension and stakes are high as we get to learn the world and the past that is plaguing  Memory.”
Read Books and Live Green
“I absolutely loved the characters. Memory, Eloryn, Roen, and Will. They made up such a great strong cast of characters! I loved watching their relationships develop between each other. They were strong and funny and really some great characters overall. They were so determined to take down what needed to be taken down. But also at the same time they somehow managed to protect each other. ”
Dark Novella
“It was a fast paced, action packed book that kept me on the very edge, very edge until the very end, and even then, if I hadn’t reminded myself of the expense of my Kindle, I would have chucked it across the room at the wall! Why? Oh, well, for that answer, you’ll just have to read Memory’s Wake for yourself and find out why!”
Book Savvy
“Abundant with mystery and magic, there are also plenty of action scenes within Memory’s Wake as well, along with intrigue, deceit, betrayals, shocking revelations and more. Most definitely a very intriguing novel that is both beautifully written and beautifully illustrated, not to mention enjoyable.”
We Do Write
“Her memory may have been stolen, but her tale is unforgettable.”

Blog Tour Giveaway

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Online Party to Celebrate Memory’s Wake at No.1

Back on the 2-4th I held a promotion for Memory’s Wake, where my goal was to reach #1 in a list on Amazon. I promised if I did, I’d hold an online party!

And guess what? It totally did!


Party Time!


Live chat is over, thanks to everyone who joined in!

Missed the party? Want to read what was said? Were you at the party and want to look up something that was mentioned? Here is the complete transcript of the online chat, the full 3 hours or 105 pages worth (!!!) as a PDF file!


What’s happening at the party?

  • I’ll also be doing ebook signings via Kindlegraph– get a personalised autograph!
  • There will be give-aways for people in the party-chat. I’ll be giving away prizes at specially chosen times, post counts, and for party games!
  • Special guests will be announced as they confirm. The following have provided tentative confirmation-
    • Ellen Million– Artist and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, creator of the fantastic Sketch Fest (also this weekend!).
    • Nicole Cadet– an Australian Fantasy artist who paints the prettiest faces!
    • Lucy Cavendish– Magical and talented wise woman, author of Selina’s Fairy oracle deck and upcoming mermaid deck.
    • Amy Edwards– master illustrator and artist of the stunning Chakra Insight Oracle
    • Serene Conneeley– Traveller, healer and author of magical places and things.
    • Ash Evans– Painter of furry and winged things, including the adorable Fortuna the Cat.

*April Fools* New Cover Art for Memory’s Wake Released!

Originally posted on the 1st of April, so no need to take anything below seriously 😉 

In my usual indecisive way, I’ve decided that I didn’t like the cover art for Memory’s Wake. I’ve been working on the new cover and come up with something I’m pleased with, that I think will sell a stack more books, too. I wanted to surprise you all with a brand new cover design! Here it is!

Memory's Wake- Young Adult Fantasy Novel with Abs

What do you think? Better, right? It will be uploading to Amazon and other publishers shortly so you can get it on your ebooks and paperbacks. Paperbacks, of course, are the best option, so everyone can see what you’re reading and go, “Hey, who is that sexy looking fellow? I want to read that too!”. Ebooks are the better option for women over 30 who prefer to hide the fact they drool over teenagers in stories *coughNotMecoughNever*.

In related news, I’ve decided I’m not going to continue the trilogy. One book is enough. The others are too hard. I give up. For those who wanted to know what happened to the characters and how it was going to end, here it is-

Memory was really an alien, and ends up marrying the dragon. Sorry to those who didn’t want spoilers.