Closing Fairies and Fantasy – End of an Era

Along with this website, I’ve been running the online store Fairies and Fantasy for many years now. It was always a fairly ambitious project with lots of products from lots of artists. The site itself was a very complicated custom set up that worked in tandem with an offline database to manage all those products and orders.

But the site has gotten old. And the database has too. And my life has changed, a lot. Running that store stopped being a priority for me, and it also took time away from the work I wanted to be doing. I’ve been working slowly on closing the site down for a while, selling off products slowly, but not really taking the plunge, because Fairies and Fantasy has been part of my life for so long, it’s hard to say goodbye.

Then recently, the website went down. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The site is a dinosaur in web-technology terms. We managed to get it back online, but it continues to have some issues which are difficult to repair without a complete overhaul. And now the offline database is playing up as well, only just hobbling along.

So it’s time. It’s time to say goodbye to Fairies and Fantasy…

What exactly are the plans for Fairies and Fantasy?

A new store is being built to replace the Fairies and Fantasy store and range. With the new store, all product manufacturing and order shipping will be outsourced to a different company. Using a fulfillment company will mean more product options (T-shirts! Duvet covers! Pillows!) and cheaper shipping for those outside of Australia, as orders will be made and shipped from the US and Europe.

For me, it means less time printing, packing, and shipping orders. Hint: that means more time for me to create new things. Have you realised how little I’ve painted over the last few years? It’s time that changed, right?

What won’t be available anymore?

Silk bags are already sold out, along with other products I’ve been clearing out recently (jewelry, messenger bags, etc).
Greeting cards and bookmarks will be discontinued.
All products from artists other than myself will be ended.
Wholesale ordering won’t be available for the new store. I may offer a wholesale discount to select, long-term wholesale customers for my range on this site, or for book orders, however wholesale is not an area I plan to continue in. Primarily, I’m an artist, not a manufacturer, and I need to start treating my time that way.

What will remain available?

Notebooks with my designs will be moved to the store on this website.
Doll patterns will be available from my Etsy store for a bit longer, but at some point will all be moved to Spoonflower.
Tubes and digital products will be moved to my Etsy Digitals store.
My store right here on this site will remain as is, with a small selection of prints, original art, and colouring books, sent directly from me in Australia, however I may change to only shipping orders occasionally, like once a month.

What new stuff will there be?

The new store will have-

  • An almost complete range of Selina’s artworks available as art prints, as well as some as stretched canvas and framed prints.
  • Pillows, Beachtowels, mugs, pouches, duvet covers, notebooks, tote bags, blankets.
  • T-shirts, leggings, dresses, hoodies


When is this happening?

It’s a big build, and I’ll be working on it along with a few helpers. The plan is hopefully to have it live by the beginning of November.

As soon as the new store is live, the old Fairies and Fantasy store will be closing down for good. It’s sad to see it go as it’s been a big part of my life for so long, but times must change.

If you’re keen to grab some art prints from the other artists, or some cheap bookmarks and greeting cards, head over to Fairies and Fantasy before it’s gone for good. 


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