Memory’s Wake – YA Fantasy Trilogy

Book One
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Book Two
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Book Three
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Three Book Collection

Lost in a world full of monstrous fairies, a troubled sixteen year old has to find out who she is and why her memories were stolen before she is found by those who want her dead.

She takes the name “Memory” and knows she has just one goal – to find her way home, wherever that is. But this land is strange. No technology to be seen, and iron is banned, thanks to a pact the humans have with the magical creatures who share their Victorian era world. In her t-shirt and torn jeans, Memory knows she’s different, even before she performs impossible magic.

Haunted by her past, chased by a dragon, wanted by the king and stalked by the strange, handsome savage that seems to know her, everyone is after Memory, and she suspects it’s not just for her eye-catching outfit. Her forgotten past holds dangerous secrets that will challenge everything she believes and risk the lives of everyone she loves.

˃˃˃ All Memory’s Wake books include illustrations by Selina Fenech

Adventure, Romance and Mystery in a Unique Fantasy World
I don’t know who I am.
I don’t know what I am.
All I know is that I’m being hunted, and this world is not my own.

Empath Chronicles – YA Paranormal Superhero Romance

A quick, clean read full of non-stop action, Emotionally Charged is a paranormal romance for young adults and anyone who enjoys young adult fiction.

Fear makes Empaths fast.
Anger makes them strong.
Lust gives them control.
When emotions grant superpowers, what does love mean?

Livvy has always been good at reading the emotions of people around her. When disaster strikes and she has to fight to survive, she learns her powers are so much more. She is an Empath.

Livvy meets others of her kind and is swept into a world that is everything she ever wanted. Or so she first thinks… When Livvy meets the Empaths’ opposite, one with the ability to stop their powers from functioning, Livvy is caught up in a supernatural battle and must fight to save the life of the boy she loves.


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