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While Memory’s Wake is illustrated with my ideas of how the characters might look*, my paranormal romance novella Emotionally Charged doesn’t have any illustrations of the characters. I’ve seen readers and authors around the web sometimes make up imaginary movie casts with actors they think fit the characters, and it seemed like fun!

When emotions give people superpowers, what does love mean?
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So I’ve decided to “cast” Emotionally Charged. Here are my picks, in order of appearance…

Livvy – Demi Harman

Demi plays Sasha on Home and Away. Since my husband does some post production work for Home and Away I’ve been seeing a lot of it, and think Demi has just the right look for the role of Livvy. A little spoilt, a little vulnerable, but also with enough spunk to take a stand when needed. Sometimes she reminds me of a young Jennifer Connelly (Labyrinth).

Jake – Luke Mitchell

I’m picking cast from Home and Away again! Luke Mitchell plays “Romeo” on Home and Away, and I thought he’d make a great actor for Livvy to crush on. He’s certainly got the face, hair, body… Seriously, there are barely any photos of him available WITH a shirt on.

Emma – Deborah Ann Woll

OK, I’ll admit I’ve got a serious girl crush on Deborah Ann Woll. She’s amazing in True Blood, and is able to play anything from sweet girl-next-door to fiery sex bomb to savage monster. She’s also got that brilliant red hair. Perfect.

Donnie – Michael B Jordan

He’s got the right look for the mysterious, quiet one of the group, with just a little hint of aloof.

Jamie – Jeremy Sumpter

Jeremy Sumpter has that wicked mischievous smile that he put to good use when playing Peter Pan. He’s a bit grown up now, and makes a good fit to play Jake’s younger brother, with a similar look to Luke Mitchell.

Dean – Thomas Decker

He played the tormented role so well in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and he’s got the right colouring and build for Dean.

What do you think? Did I pick well? Or do you have other suggestions?

*The characters from Memory’s Wake don’t have to look exactly like the illustrations though. I like readers to still imagine the characters for themselves.

One thought on “Emotionally Charged- Imaginary Cast

  1. Kyra says:

    I love that I’m not the only writer (and reader) who makes up dream casts. I find I do this when I’m writing as well imagining up the little characters. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it until I’m editing it, editing others stories/novels. I LOVE Thomas Decker and he would be amazing!

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