The Empath Chronicles will continue!

This year, I am returning to writing.

And the first place I’m starting, is writing more stories in the Empath Chronicles!

So far, I’m planning two more main novella-to-novel length books in the series that will continue Livvy’s story, and also 2-3 more short stories that will explore side characters the way Emotionally Scarred explored Emma’s past. It’s fun when you get so excited by side characters that whole stories spring to mind for them. Sway is a character that’s a bit like that. You’ll be getting to meet her in the next main book Emotionally Unstable, and also her own short story Emotionally Disturbed.

Emotionally Unstable and Emotionally Powerful are the *current* titles for the two main stories that are coming next. Each of them will probably be twice the length of Emotionally Charged the way they are panning out so far. I’ve already begun writing Emotionally Unstable and you can see my current progress on the chart below.

Empath Chronicles 2 - Emotionally Unstable

You might have also noticed that the Empath Chronicles books have brand new cover art! I figured it was about time I did properly illustrated covers for these, and I can’t wait to create designs for the next books.

Emotionally Scarred

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Emotionally Scarred
Emotionally Charged

Emotionally Unstable

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Emotionally Unstable

Part of finishing up the series also means getting to work on side productions, like audiobooks. Emotionally Charged has just been finished! Em Eldridge, who narrated the Memory’s Wake trilogy for me, is back again for this series. It has a different accent and tone, being a different genre and character. I love the voice she’s given Livvy and this story, have a listen below.

Out now on Amazon and Audible.

Are you excited to find out what happens next to Livvy and Dean after the events of Emotionally Charged? Do you like the new cover art? Are you an audio book fan?

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