Fairy Companions Coloring Book, so sweet!



I’m so pleased with my newest coloring book. I went with a “Fairy Companions” theme – that means fairies with friends, pets, family, in love, and lots of dragons! It turned out SO sweet! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just flicking through all these designs of romantic fairies and friendly animals.

It just went live on Amazon, with more stores coming soon. Here’s the link- http://amzn.to/1GWyaO9

I will also have it available in my store here for signed copies in late November.


Check out all the included artworks in the image below-Colouring_FC-Samples2
And thanks to everyone who has been enjoying my coloring books! I’m still in honest shock at how popular they have been, hitting the bestseller charts over and over! I have plans for more, more, more! The next will be Gothic themed, and I’m also planning another Mermaid book and even a Memory’s Wake coloring collection! What coloring collection are you looking forward to most?

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