Free Ebook Weekend! Plus the Ride and the Results


Memory’s Wake is FREE from Kindle this weekend 2-4 August! 

Last month I did a free promotion for my novella Emotionally Charged. A free promotion is pretty much as it sounds- the ebook becomes free for a while as a way of promoting it. It might sound contradictory, giving something away for free to help it sell better, but it is a method that lots of authors have had success with. I was wary and skeptical about the whole thing at first, but decided to give it a try.

I made my book free for two days in a row and the results were pretty exciting. It was a real ride watching the download numbers go up, knowing how many new readers would be trying out my work! And the more people that downloaded my book, the higher it ranked in Amazon’s lists!

Just how high did it end up ranking? Here’s a screenshot of the highest rank I saw my book reach-

That means of ALL free books on Amazon, my book was the 29th most downloaded that weekend.

And within the Children’s fantasy category (it’s a Young Adult book, but Amazon puts that into Children’s) Emotionally Charged reached #2! That looks a little something like this-

Not quite the same lists, but so cool to see my book there next to the Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments!

So I gave away a tonne of free ebooks. How does that help sales?

I can’t say I really understand the workings of it. Amazon does some algorithm calculation magic and when the book goes back into the paid ranking system, it ranks higher which makes it more visible. Giving away lots of free books can also lead to more reviews and more people talking about the story, which all help.

When Emotionally Charged stopped being free, it started way back down in the rankings again at about 300,000th position (of over a million Amazon ebooks). But then it started selling, more than it ever has. I sold a great number of books that week, not just of EC, but my other books as well. The more books sold, the higher my rankings went again. The highest I saw my ranking reach was 8,655th of ALL ebooks on Amazon. That’s not too shabby a placement out of over a million books.

All pretty exciting, right?

And that’s why….


Let’s see if we can blow those rankings out of the water. I want to see Memory’s Wake reach a #1 position!  And when it goes off free, I want to see it reach one of the top 100’s PAID lists! Think we can do it? Every download and sale counts, so share the news.

I’m giving us all a few goal oriented prizes as well! Check back here over the weekend to see what we’ve achieved!

If Memory’s Wake reaches a top 100 free position I’ll share two exciting pieces of news for my Fairies and Fantasy range that I’ve been keeping hush hush. ACHIEVED! Posting today on my Facebook page.

If Memory’s Wake reaches a top 10 free position I’ll share THREE new mermaid artworks from the new oracle deck that haven’t been released yet.  ACHIEVED! Posting today on my Facebook page.

If Memory’s Wake reaches #1 in a free list I’ll throw an online party! Live chats (video if I’m game), party prizes, special guests, ebook signing and whatever fun I can muster. Party will be planned and announced for a later date. ACHIEVED! Party will be soon, I’ll post details soon!


Highest Ranking Reached so far in Amazon Best Sellers Rank:
#5,387 Paid out of over one million books in Kindle Store

If Memory’s Wake gets below #5000 in the paid lists after being free I’ll release the Mermaid Dreams art collection book EARLY! No wait for October, it will be out ASAP.

If Memory’s Wake gets in a top 100 list after being free I’ll write and release a short story for Memory’s Wake. About that beautiful forest boy… :)

If Memory’s Wake gets into the top 10 of a list after being free I’ll paint an all new full illustration for Memory’s Wake.

If Memory’s Wake hits #1 of a list after being free  I’ll faint. And then I’ll do a give-away of one of my original paintings. This one- Into the Woods

(By “list” I mean any of Amazon’s top 100 lists, depending on what categories they decide to rank Memory’s Wake in, e.g. the Children’s Science Fiction and Fantasy list that Emotionally Charged ranked in.)

So grab your copy now, it’s here-
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon FR
Amazon ES
Amazon IT

Share the news! The more people who download, the more chance we have of reaching those goals!

7 thoughts on “Free Ebook Weekend! Plus the Ride and the Results

  1. Kim says:

    I’m a Brit, and those of us with UK amazon accounts can’t use the US one (stupid but apparently true), but I’m sending as many free vibes as I can manage!

  2. Lisa says:

    Whoohoo! Something decent to read.

    Thank you so much for doing this. Now I’ll have to get a goodreads account so I can write up a review.

  3. Alicia says:

    Whoa..Good luck! I think I am about three quarters of the way through the paperback.. I am a terribly slow reader. XD

    But I was just wondering about something those who don’t have an eBook reader cannot get your short stories if you make them into eBook files.. I would have loved to read the Empath Chronicles’ short story but I cannot since I don’t have a reader.

    Is there any way that I can without getting a reader?

  4. Alicia says:

    Oh thank you! Hey, that’s a good idea! Perhaps if you get a buildup of short stories you could release a short story collection paperback too. :3 I would be very interested in that forest man in Memory’s Wake. XD

    Once again, good luck! I’ve sent the links to the free eBooks to some of my friends as well. :)

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