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“Emotionally Scarred” – A short story from the Empath Chronicles series. Emma has been bullied her whole life. Her supernatural ability to sense other people’s emotions makes their cruel words even more painful. When Emma changes schools she hopes things will be different, but a prank and a risky plan turn into a life or death situation. Emma will discover she has more power than she thought, but will she use it for good?

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“Wild” – Written in the flash fiction style, which means a story no longer that 1000 words – about 2-3 pages – in length, “Wild” is about a couple of kids, a rough girl and the new boy at school with a strange sleeping disorder, and how the girl helps the boy recover and the bizarre consequences of his recovery.

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Bee, Princess of the Dwarfs by Anatole France is a fairy tale from the Art Nouveau era, published in english in 1912. It is a beautiful, but rare book, that needed sharing, so I created a website were you can read the whole story and see the beautiful illustrations which inspired me to paint two artworks of Bee and George, the main characters. This is a truly sweet and moving story and highly recommended read. Please note, the website containing the story was made in 2002 and not updated since, so please forgive it’s retro build.

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Want to read the first full novel in the illustrated Memory’s Wake trilogy for free? The ebook of Memory’s Wake is available free to subscribers of Selina’s newsletter.

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