New Colouring Books Round Up

Has it really been more than half a year and I haven’t done a post about my new colouring books? Certainly seems that way. Sometimes with trying to keep up with all the things I so, something slips by. So let’s do a catch up of the new colouring books I’ve released so far in 2017!

Fairy Magic

My most recent release! Fairy Magic – Whimsical Fantasy Coloring Book is, obviously, full of fairies!

Cute fairies, fairy portraits, fairy doorways, and there are a couple of sneaky dragons too.


Ponds and Flowers

This was a bit of a different release for me. Not part of my usual fantasy theme of work, this book was created with my parents in mind.

They are avid watergardeners, and the designs in this book are based on photos from their gardens and plants.

I grew up surrounded by ponds and flowers, so they are very special to me too, so this is my little homage to these beautiful plants.


Memory’s Wake

These books came as a double release! The line art and grayscale versions being launched at the same time.

These books are, of course, based on the illustrations from my fantasy novels trilogy, Memory’s Wake. With lots of Victorian style and romantic scenes, some of my most details work is in these books.

Line Art Edition

Grayscale Edition

What’s Next?

I’ve already started work on the next Faedorables style book, which will be “Cute and Creepy” themed. After that I’m considering an inspiring words style book and a fantasy alphabet book, plus maybe some more grayscale editions.

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