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History of Art

“This is a history of my art, with some of my earliest (surviving!) artworks from when I was a young child.
I’m always saying that I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon, and here are some drawings to prove it!
I hope you find these interesting in showing the development of drawing through the years. I hope to inspire young artists in being able to compare what they are creating at similar ages to the artworks below.” Selina

This is my oldest surviving artwork, because it was my Mums favourite! It’s a portrait of my first cat Mejsha, sitting on an armchair. I drew this when I was about 2 or 3 years old.

This is one of my earliest figure drawings! I drew this in preschool, around 3-4 years old. We always drew on scrap paper from offices, you can see the text showing through the drawing in the scan. While this is a messy little picture, it’s pretty advanced for that age! See the articulated limbs, neck, clothing and almond shaped eyes? I’m so proud of this one!

I was very proud of this when I drew it! Even though I never DID get her face right (hence there not being one!). She is mother nature. I was never raised to any kind of religion, but for some reason, goddess images started coming out in my drawings from a very early age! I had this photocopied to colour in because I didn’t want to ruin the original… but then I lost the original anyway! I drew this in primary school at about age 11. This was when I began using references for my artwork, looking at myself in the mirror for figure poses, and photos of animals from books for all the different animals.

My first elf/dryad. I started drawing a lot of fantasy characters and beings in early high school. This was when I was 14.

Aah, and my first group portrait! I started roleplaying, playing dungeons and dragons mostly, and I just loved the idea of adventuring! Not so much the monster hacking and loot getting (but that’s fun too!) but just the travelling and being in a group of adventurers and good friends. This is an artwork to try and show that! I was about 15 when I drew this, and I tried, rather unsuccessfully, to make this a night scene, but I’m still proud I drew SO many people on one page!

These three artworks show a progression of my work. I kept going back and redrawing this artwork over the years (a moon goddess, of course!). From the left to right, the first I drew when I was 11, the second when I was 16 and the third when I was 17. The relatively large jump in development from 16-17 was when I started self teaching and practicing my art more through my interest in comic book illustration.

I’m probably just being too nostalgic, but I hope you’re enjoyed this little excursion into the past as much as I have!

3 thoughts on “Selina’s Early Art

  1. Gabrielle says:

    What do you mean when you say that you started looking at comic book illistration? Did you literally just see how a person was drawn and apply that? What was it that drew you towards comics?

    • selinafenech says:

      I was obsessed with comics for a long time. There are so many fantastic artists who work in comics, their art is very inspiring.
      Once I got into reading comics, I started buying Wizard magazine as well, which is a magazine all about comics 🙂 But each issue they would also have some art tutorials in them as well which were really helpful and taught me a lot. These days you can find all those sorts of tutorials online though (there wasn’t so much on the internet back then, now I feel old!).
      Yeah, often I would copy artwork from comics which helped me a lot as well. Copying can be a good learning technique- but just keep it for learning, not presenting it as your own work, of course 🙂

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