Coloring Book – Grayscale Mermaids

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Explore a new way to color with GRAYSCALE Coloring Editions. Be taken away to a calm, underwater world full of beautiful mermaids, dolphins, and aquatic creatures as you color in these beautiful, black and white fantasy paintings, optimized for coloring. Let the original painting’s tones and shading guide you to creating your own masterpieces that appear like magic!

  • Features fully shaded, black and white versions of Selina’s original paintings, ready for color to be added.
  • 25 artworks to color, with a bonus second set of the same designs for further experimentation, backup, or sharing.
  • Images on one side only
  • Large 8.5 x 11inch, 22 x 28cm size
  • Detail/Skill Level Guide: These images are simple-medium in detail.

Fairy Art – Grayscale Coloring Edition features the same set of artworks as Selina’s more traditional Mermaids Calm Ocean Coloring Collection, for those who prefer outline style coloring books

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