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Selina’s Full Range of Art Prints and Products
The Fairies and Fantasy Store

The Fairies and Fantasy Online store is run by Selina and features of her artwork available as art prints and other products including homewares, accessories, and clothing.
Orders from this store are shipped from US and European based warehouses and can be a cheaper option for shipping than ordering from Selina’s studio in Australia (the store on this current site).

DOWNLOADABLE Digital Content

Colouring pages, PSP tubes, decoupage sheets, digital stamps and printable stationery are available in Selina’s Etsy store Printable Fantasy


Stunning figurines designed from Selina’s paintings are available in stores worldwide.

US customers can order online at Fairy Glen
Australian customers can order online at Fantasy Art Trading
UK Customers can order from Trader Johns


Phone and Device Cases

E-Cell Global have a huge range of Selina’s artworks for many models.

US: http://www.goheadcase.com/en-US/Selina-Fenech-Phone-and-Tablet-cases

IT: http://www.goheadcase.com/it-IT/Cover-Selina-Fenech-per-Telefono-e-Tablet

GE: http://www.goheadcase.com/de-DE/Selina-Fenech-Handy-und-Tablet

AUS: http://www.goheadcase.com/en-AU/Selina-Fenech-Phone-and-Tablet-cases

Evolve Watches

Choose your design, choose your strap colour. Customisable watches with Selina’s artwork on the faces.

Selina’s doll range are also available as DIY fabric kits you can cut and sew yourself! See the whole range at the Etsy Store. Also on Spoonflower.

Nearly all of Selina’s paintings are available as cross stitch patterns from Heaven and Earth Designs.

Fabric and wrapping paper designs by Selina, order by the yard at Spoonflower.