*April Fools* Status Update on Memory’s Wake Trilogy

Everyone’s been asking- When is the last book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy coming out?

The last book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy has taken longer than expected to finish. I had a set plan of where I wanted the story to go, but as I was writing, the story took on a life of it’s own and wanted to go a different way, changing to a very different story to where I started out! Originally I had plans for the final book to encompass all the worlds of the Memory’s Wake universe, with the characters travelling from Avall to both the fairy realm and the modern realm that also exist around it. There is the mysterious Providence, the big bad to be revealed, and many more mysteries to be solved for Memory and her friends.

But the story and characters had other ideas, and they decided they wanted to hit the high seas! It took a lot of rewriting and work which is why it’s been taking so long, but the final book of the Memory’s Wake trilogy will now have a very piratey, sea-faring feel too it. Arrgh, me hearties!

To reflect the changes to the story line, I’ve also updated the cover art, check it out!


The good news is, I have a finished first draft! There is a lot of rewriting and editing still to do to make this the best book in the trilogy (well of COURSE it’s going to be the best book, it has PIRATES!). And then I still have the illustrations to do (lots of illustrations of pirates!!!). Once I’m further into my revisions, I will be able to announce a clearer-if-tentative release date.

What do you all think? Aren’t pirates JUST what the Memory’s Wake trilogy needed?

5 thoughts on “*April Fools* Status Update on Memory’s Wake Trilogy

  1. Louisa Watson says:

    I’ve only just started reading Providence Unveiled, so this post took me aback! What a fantastic April fool joke. Memory and Will make surprisingly good-looking pirates, by the way…

    • selinafenech says:

      🙂 If you’re reading Providence Unveiled now, you might notice Roen says something that is a bit of a reference to this April Fools joke as well 😉 Just a tiny easter egg for fans!

      • Louisa Watson says:

        Yes, I came across that last night. It made me laugh!

        I’m really enjoying your books, and I’ll email you a link to my reviews once I’ve finished them (I’ve reviewed the first book on Goodreads so far, and I’m planning to write a review for the second this weekend).

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