Coloring is for all ages! Mermaid Designs out now.

A new coloring book has finally made its way into my collection!


People are starting to catch onto the truth that coloring in is for all ages, adults too! As an artist, I already knew this 🙂 So I wanted to offer a more complicated and details coloring book, and my mermaids seemed the perfect choice for the collection (all those scales!!).

mermaidcolouring2The Mermaids coloring book includes 25 mermaid designs, and as a bonus there are two sets of those designs, for 50 pages total to spend relaxing time coloring in!


You can find my new Mermaids coloring book on Amazon along with my first coloring book full of fairy and fantasy designs.

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Mermaids – Calm Ocean Coloring Collection has already been getting lots of love! It was the #1 New Release on Amazon for crafts, and even hit #1 on that bestsellers list briefly!mermaidranking

I hope you all enjoy my new coloring book. I’m already planning the next one! What do you think its theme should be?