Supanova Sydney 2012 Review

I’m back from my weekend at the Supanova pop culture convention in Sydney ( where I had a table in the Artists Alley. I’m aching all over and only half awake, it’s going to take me a while to recover. It was a very busy weekend, but so much fun! The costumes of visitors to […]


Gratuitous Baby Photos

I’m tired today, and not getting much progress done on the work I should be doing so I’m going to have some fun instead. You know what that means? I’m going to subject you all to gratuitous baby photos! Persephone is growing up fast. She’s turning into a real little person now, smiling, giggling, cooing […]


Welcome, Persephone

My baby girl, Persephone, was born on 31st October at 3:00pm, weighing 3.3kg’s or 7.3 pounds and measuring 49cm, a nice average size. She’s wonderful and healthy, and when she isn’t pulling the classic grumpy Winston Churchill baby face, she’s very pretty The name we chose is from Greek Mythology, and is pronounced Pur-seff-oh-nee. We’ll […]


Oh, Baby

I guess I haven’t really talked about this or made any formal announcement yet. Since I’m due any day now, I figured it’s probably (past) time to announce that I’m pregnant 😉 I’m not really the type to make a fuss about this sort of thing, which I think is why I kept it quiet […]