*April Fools* Status Update on Memory’s Wake Trilogy

Everyone’s been asking- When is the last book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy coming out?

The last book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy has taken longer than expected to finish. I had a set plan of where I wanted the story to go, but as I was writing, the story took on a life of it’s own and wanted to go a different way, changing to a very different story to where I started out! Originally I had plans for the final book to encompass all the worlds of the Memory’s Wake universe, with the characters travelling from Avall to both the fairy realm and the modern realm that also exist around it. There is the mysterious Providence, the big bad to be revealed, and many more mysteries to be solved for Memory and her friends.

But the story and characters had other ideas, and they decided they wanted to hit the high seas! It took a lot of rewriting and work which is why it’s been taking so long, but the final book of the Memory’s Wake trilogy will now have a very piratey, sea-faring feel too it. Arrgh, me hearties!

To reflect the changes to the story line, I’ve also updated the cover art, check it out!


The good news is, I have a finished first draft! There is a lot of rewriting and editing still to do to make this the best book in the trilogy (well of COURSE it’s going to be the best book, it has PIRATES!). And then I still have the illustrations to do (lots of illustrations of pirates!!!). Once I’m further into my revisions, I will be able to announce a clearer-if-tentative release date.

What do you all think? Aren’t pirates JUST what the Memory’s Wake trilogy needed?

An Artists Life- Expressed in funny GIFs

When you first tell your family you want to try and make a living as an artist-

And most days you have to work this hard-

Finally you make your first sale, and it’s only a little one, but you made it-

And then you reach a point when you can tell people you really are a professional artist, that earns a living and all-

When you tell your non-arty friends about the INCREDIBLE new teeny tiny sable brush you just bought for a weeks worth of income and you’re so excited to start painting with, their reaction is-

When you wanting be painting, but know you have to knuckle down and do your accounts, and instead you end up doing this-

Because being a self employed artist, you’ve got to keep a close eye on your income-

When you accidentally hand-stamp paint onto places on your artwork that paint shouldn’t be-

But even when you don’t make a mistake, artworks rarely turn out the way you first imagined-

And the days when you just have no inspiration or motivation, and feel like you never produce anything good-

And you turn to your Work In Progress collection to see if there’s something there you could use-

And people seem to like your rough sketches better than the finished work you slave hours on-

But then, normally when you’re trying to fall asleep, inspiration strikes-

But you look at your your huge to-do list and realise you don’t have time to paint again for a week-

But then you finally get to paint, and TOTALLY NAIL IT!

And you have to get online right away and SHOW EVERYBODY!

And how you feel when other people liked what you created-

And how all the people who follow your work are so awesome, but you’re an introverted shut in with poor social skills-

And the number one reason as an artist I love what I do-

Got any more fun GIFs that relate to being an artist? Post them in the comments!

Selina’s Studio

Want a little peak into my world? Here is where I spend most of my time, writing, painting, messing around online 🙂

Click to see it BIG!
  1. Two of my most favourite and personal original artworks, Motherhood and Love Me Not. Also around the house I have framed- Dark Waters Bright Skies, Greenman’s Door, Along the Forest Path, Warm my Heart, and Rose.
  2. Weapons at hand for defending myself come the zombocalypse.
  3. To-Do lists. I have many to-do lists of different priorities and types. I need to write down everything I have to do, and find it’s the best way to stay motivated and get work done as a self employed type. You write a list of goals for the day (taken from a master list elsewhere), and you tick off as many as you can. My lists are a bit full and messy right now! I have them on my phone, on paper, on post-its, on white boards. In fact, re-organising my to-do lists is on one of my to-do lists.
  4. The Spooky Door. What is behind it? No one knows!!! Or it could be a storeroom. I’m not even sure why I thought that required a number on this list?
  5. Just some of my key collection. I love keys! Keys, doorknobs, locks, anything to do with doorways, there is just something magical about them.
  6. My gorgeous office chair. Not very ergonomic but you will have to prise it from my cold dead fingers to make me change!
  7. My Wacom Cintiq 24HD, oh let me count the ways I love you. For those who don’t know what a Cintiq is, it’s a screen that you draw directly onto with a pressure sensitive digital pen in order to paint brush strokes for digital painting. In this photo it’s upright, but see those super arms on the side? It adjusts to all kinds of angles, like a drafting table, even right down over the edge of the desk so it’s practically in my lap. My baby girl sometimes sits on my lap with me while I’m digi-painting and licks the screen, which makes me glad I can digi-paint instead of with traditional mediums now! And yes, it’s growing mushrooms. My desktop wallpaper cycles through my and my husbands photos (currently showing photos from a zoo visit).
  8. My computer mouse looks like a lady bug. How old am I again?
  9. My Ball Jointed Doll, Dollzone model “Celine”. She was my lavish gift-to-self for completing all my cancer treatments. She stands on her own and is really posable. I pretend I use her as an artists model but really I just like getting her pretty new clothes and dressing her up. Wait… how old am I again?!
  10. A shoe stand that made the prefect art supplies stand. Top shelf has paint mediums and masking fluids, down from there is a box of Kremer pure pigments and other tube paints in boxes and my masking tape, then the bottom three shelves are colour pencils and pastel pencils arranged in colour order. It isn’t there anymore, I had to hide everything gooey, toxic or otherwise chewable away from the baby thing. I’m doing all my painting now on the Cintiq.
  11. No I don’t have a secret stash of junk food in my desk draw. SHUT UP WHO TOLD YOU?!?

Where are all the printers and stuff? All the production side of my business lives in a separate building. My office is just for creating art now and I love it 🙂

What’s at the other end of the room? The Library! My husband and I hit up Ikea to create a whole wall of bookshelves for our collection, and we’re still double stacked on most shelves. You can zoom in on the picture and see what a fair few of the titles are, but I can tell you right now that at least 70% of the collection is sci-fi and fantasy! There’s also our light sabre on the top. And my cat on a fluffy cushion. There’s a shelf dedicated to all figurines based on my art, and another shelf of other fun treasures (a Sailor Moon alarm clock!).

*April Fools* New Cover Art for Memory’s Wake Released!

Originally posted on the 1st of April, so no need to take anything below seriously 😉 

In my usual indecisive way, I’ve decided that I didn’t like the cover art for Memory’s Wake. I’ve been working on the new cover and come up with something I’m pleased with, that I think will sell a stack more books, too. I wanted to surprise you all with a brand new cover design! Here it is!

Memory's Wake- Young Adult Fantasy Novel with Abs

What do you think? Better, right? It will be uploading to Amazon and other publishers shortly so you can get it on your ebooks and paperbacks. Paperbacks, of course, are the best option, so everyone can see what you’re reading and go, “Hey, who is that sexy looking fellow? I want to read that too!”. Ebooks are the better option for women over 30 who prefer to hide the fact they drool over teenagers in stories *coughNotMecoughNever*.

In related news, I’ve decided I’m not going to continue the trilogy. One book is enough. The others are too hard. I give up. For those who wanted to know what happened to the characters and how it was going to end, here it is-

Memory was really an alien, and ends up marrying the dragon. Sorry to those who didn’t want spoilers.

7 Random Things About Me

Some completely random and miscellaneous facts about me, just for fun!

1.”No sir, that’s the umbilical cord.”

There was no doctor present at my birth. The small country town hospital I was born at didn’t have resident doctors, and while a doctor was called, he never showed up. There was a nurse or two present, who apparently tried to lighten the stress of the “no doctor” situation by telling dirty jokes during the labour. I blame some of my personality on this. I’ve also been told that I was very close to being called Gabrielle, but because my mother could see the moon through the window while I was born, they chose Selina instead (which means Moon).

2. Stick ’em up and hand over the pastry goodness!

Me and my friends were once mugged for leftover donuts. No joke. So we were wandering down a closed strip mall late after a movie. We were about 15 years old at the time, waiting for parents to pick us up. This gang of feral girls around our age started harassing us for the bag of half finished donuts we were carrying. One of my friends (god love her!) smart mouthed back, which caused the gang of girls to come over, start a fist fight and steal our bags and wallets. The funny part was the policeman who took down my report was SO occa. My speech has always been somewhat formal, and he wrote my police report in his own words, complete with “aint’s” and “scrubbers” and “fair dinkum’s”.

3. But why was he so Putrid? Or was that just his name?

As a kid, I obsessively made books. Give me some texta’s, paper and a stapler, and I’d make a book. My earliest book still on record was a picture book titled “Putrid Puffin” from about age six. It had classic lines in it like “This is Putrid Puffin, he eats peas and muffins.” and “His house is made with sticks and straw. I don’t know with what or how he made the door.”

4. Always be prepared

I used to be a Scout. You know, the whole dib dib dib dob dob dob, Always be Prepared deal? Not some pansy girl guide or brownie. I was the only girl in the “boy scouts” group (yes I always was a tomboy). It was awesome. We played all sorts of crazy violent games, and I don’t think there was a time we went on an excursion (even bush walking) that didn’t end up with someone needing stitches or breaking a limb. Heck people ended up with stitches and broken limbs just playing in the scout hall. I gave a boy a black eye once in a “capture the flag in the dark” game. And you know the best part? I totally only went to hang out with all the guys. Oh yeah.

5. I once staked a vamp with a real estate agent “Sold” sign.

I used to be able to lucid dream. I nurtured the art form back when I was a lazy sleep-in-till-midday teenager and didn’t even know what “lucid dreaming” was. I used to have complete control over my dreams if I wanted too. It was fantastic. These days, I’ve lost a fair bit of that control, but I am still always conscious that I AM dreaming. If a dream goes down a dark or scary path, I can very easily either change the direction or wake myself out of it. But mostly, I’m happy to just be a bystander these days, because honestly, I have the most awesome dreams. They play like movies, and are very regularly on fantasy themes (and zombies, I dream about zombies A LOT). I once dreamt that Tom Hanks was making a sequel to both “Castaway” and “Joe VS the Volcano” in the same movie. And another where a kid in a primary school class was classified narcoleptic, but only because his mother was drugging him to stop him becoming a werewolf. And yes, once staked a vamp in my dreams with a real estate agent sign. Or one, where in magic class, I had to learn to drink magic from fairies, but my fairy was shaped like a teapot which actually made it MORE difficult to drink from… well, you get the idea. Want to be able to lucid dream? Look it up online, there are ways to teach yourself!

6. Don’t pass it my way.

I’ve never done any illegal drugs. Seriously. Alcohol is as far as I’ve ever gone. Never even smoked a cigarette (because really, why the hell would you?!). This is quite a feat coming from a town where marijuana smoking was considered standard pastime for ages 13 up. For some reason it never interested me. Sure, I’m still slightly curious, but not enough to make me want to do anything. I guess part of me is scared, I’m a control freak to some extent, which includes keeping control of my consciousness. And honestly, I think my consciousness has done just fine without them. See Random Fact number 5. As for medical drugs… I have semi-hallucinated both from heavy pain killers and another time from chemotherapy cocktails. One was mildly amusing, the other slightly scary.

My Understanding of King Lear

A high school english assignment, in which we had to give a speech outlining our understanding of Shakespeare’s “King Lear”. I decided to give mine in a pseudo-Shakespearean rhyme. I hope those who also have some understanding of King Lear find this at least a little bit amusing 🙂

King Lear

The tale of King Lear is one of tragedy and suffering,

Of 14 who lives write the pages of this play,

But seven do remain, for even the king

Doth lose his life in this calamitous display.

And in a count of these seven,

Whose hearts have ceased to thud,

But three were as noble of spirit, as they were of blood.

The ill fortune accounting for their demise

Allow the remaining good souls a reflective reprise.

Both solemn and woeful they mourn the actions

That lead to the death of these pitiful factions.

The king himself, more sinned against than sinning,

By misdeeds he himself committed, has set the wheel spinning.

Taunted by the foolish fiend that caused his one true daughter fled,

Though in the end his wisdom is gained, both he, and her, are dead.

And caught in the torturous pull of the parallel plot,

Gloucester as well must join this wretched lot.

His fatal flaws reflecting those of Lear’s,

He no longer has eyes to hold off hot tears.

Insight through blindness, wisdom is gained once the cruelty is done,

His foolishness had hidden that the son, who spoke of evils in his ear,

Was indeed the sole evil one.

Yet for this account to remain true, it must be said,

Of those lives held within the cover of this book, truthfully, eight are dead.

A humble servant proves his noble soul in Gloucester’s defence,

Proving yet again that what something appears to be is often pretence.

But what of those four whose lives were less than angelic?

Through wounds of their own sins their blood doth run thick.

Each miscreant’s deeds are repaid in full, which proves it is true,

That thou should only do unto others as they would do unto you.

It may have been Lear’s foolishness that gave his daughters the liberty

To cause him harms without conscience, in their cruelty.

But his foolishness was embodied in the image of love and generosity,

As he sought in his old age to divide his kingdom among the younger three.

His flaw was the need of some proof of their love,

And a belief that among mortal men, he stood above.

His inability to distinguish what was true and what false

Brought his enemies to his side, whilst his allies where lost.

His rejection of Cordelia and Kent was a reflex of his love,

Her humble and unflattering speech proved not enough.

Lear’s blindness did not allow his heart to see fidelity

And verbal proof his daughter refused to give as flattery.

The one sin he committed by shunning his friends

Is not deserving of such saddening ends.

Through the malicious actions of Goneril and Regan, to death, many where lead,

But the true tragedy lies in the good souls that are dead.

Each metaphorical fly lay in a web of betrayal

With each trusting gesture, in their coffin went a nail.

The ones they loved and trusted stripped them of all dignity

Until their final glimpse of hope that was shadowed by a deadly finality.

We judge Lear as a fool for his actions in the start

Yet the tragedy of his plight holds resonance in the heart.

My understanding of King Lear is as such,

If it is love and worship you crave, don’t beg for it… too much,

The reward you offer will attract false friends,

Whose vicious actions have vicious ends.

Also, do not outcast your comrades for you may not find another,

For no matter what things appear to be, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Under the Influence

Not the type to have ever taken recreational drugs, I’ve always been quite satisfied with what my imagination comes up with on it’s own. Here is one exception- After dental surgery (to have all four highly compacted wisdom teeth removed at once, eek!), I was on some heavy duty painkillers. As I drifted in and out of conciousness, this poem simply came to me. I felt for a moment how Colleridge must have felt some of the time.

I have no idea what the poem means, but I like the random surreality of it.

The nosepegs stood across the frozen sky,
By and by,
Dry from stolen fear.
A mist. The sound went round and round the inner spinning sphere.
Alas the bath stood mighty tall
And looked for all it’s worth like rain.
It held the foot like butter nooks
To dry the slowing drifts of pain.
And yet, and soft, and long, and light,
The needle longed it’s way to lie.