Fairy art, mermaid art, fantasy art by Selina Fenech

Annual Fairies and Fantasy Art Awards 2013

I love art, particularly fairy and fantasy art. Since 2009 I’ve been holding an annual art competition, starting small with just one winner, then expanding to have different age groups and categories. Artists would enter their work based on a … Continue reading

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Ask Selina- New to Art Licensing, Help!

Hi selina, Firstly sorry for bothering you i know your probably very busy but i was wondering if you could give me some advice. Someone has approached me about licensing some of my artwork,the site is called “XXXX” and sells … Continue reading

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Advanced Licensing Advice

DISCLAIMER!! I’m not a legal professional. The advice posted below is based on my own experiences on licensing and is not meant to be a replacement for proper legal advice for dealing with contracts. Advanced Licensing for Visual Artists It’s … Continue reading

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Earning Money from your Art

Earning money from doing something you love is a dream every one has. Here you will find some tips to earn money from your art. Continue reading

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