Online Party to Celebrate Memory’s Wake at No.1

Back on the 2-4th I held a promotion for Memory’s Wake, where my goal was to reach #1 in a list on Amazon. I promised if I did, I’d hold an online party!

And guess what? It totally did!


Party Time!


Live chat is over, thanks to everyone who joined in!

Missed the party? Want to read what was said? Were you at the party and want to look up something that was mentioned? Here is the complete transcript of the online chat, the full 3 hours or 105 pages worth (!!!) as a PDF file!


What’s happening at the party?

  • I’ll also be doing ebook signings via Kindlegraph– get a personalised autograph!
  • There will be give-aways for people in the party-chat. I’ll be giving away prizes at specially chosen times, post counts, and for party games!
  • Special guests will be announced as they confirm. The following have provided tentative confirmation-
    • Ellen Million– Artist and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, creator of the fantastic Sketch Fest (also this weekend!).
    • Nicole Cadet– an Australian Fantasy artist who paints the prettiest faces!
    • Lucy Cavendish– Magical and talented wise woman, author of Selina’s Fairy oracle deck and upcoming mermaid deck.
    • Amy Edwards– master illustrator and artist of the stunning Chakra Insight Oracle
    • Serene Conneeley– Traveller, healer and author of magical places and things.
    • Ash Evans– Painter of furry and winged things, including the adorable Fortuna the Cat.