Souvenirs volés – The Memory’s Wake French (français) Translation

I feel as though I should be writing this blog post in French, because it’s all about the French translated edition of Memory’s Wake. But I would be relying entirely all too much on Google Translate for that. What I can do, though, is paste in what my French publisher, Editions Du Chat Noir, have on their page about this edition.

Perdue dans un monde aux fééries monstrueuses, une ado troublée doit découvrir qui elle est et pourquoi ses souvenirs ont été volés, avant d’être rattrapée par ceux qui veulent sa mort.

Elle se choisit le nom de « Memory » et n’a plus qu’un seul but : retrouver le chemin de sa maison où qu’elle puisse être. Mais ces contrées sont étranges, aucune technologie à l’horizon et l’acier est banni, en raison d’un pacte entre les humains et les créatures magiques qui cohabitent dans ce royaume aux codes du passé. Avec son t-shirt et son jean déchiré, Memory sait qu’elle est différente.

Hantée par son passé, chassée par un dragon, désirée par le roi et suivie par un mystérieux et beau sauvage qui semble la connaitre, tout le monde est après elle ; et elle suspecte que ce n’est pas juste pour sa tenue décalée. Sa mémoire perdue renferme de dangereux secrets qui remettront en cause tout ce qu’elle connait et menaceront tous ceux qu’elle aime.

Découvrez la trilogie événement venue d’Australie, écrite et illustrée par Selina Fenech.

I’m so excited to have my novel translated into another language so that it can be read by more people around the world!

It can be ordered directly from the publisher- Order Now

Their paperback version is gorgeous, with special spot gloss patterns on the cover.


Memory’s Wake Trilogy Audio Books

Production for audio books of all three novels in my Memory’s Wake trilogy is now complete. It’s been a wonderful experience creating these with narrator Em Eldridge. Hearing my stories brought to life is amazing, and there were lots of moments while listening through during production where I had to stop and wonder, “Wow, I wrote that?!” Maybe it’s the narration that makes it so much more alive, but I’m feeling really proud of this story right now. And it made me miss the characters so much *sniff*

Here’s a teaser video I created with some snippets from all three of the Memory’s Wake books-

You can get all three books individually through Audible or Amazon, or get them as a box set all together for a great price! Audible members can get the books as part of their subscription, and ebook readers can get a huge discount on the price through the WhisperSync program on Amazon.


Memory’s Wake – The Official Illustrated Companion Guide

It’s been a busy 2015, so busy, that this little gem in my collection never really got the fanfare that it deserved for when it was published back in June. I was looking at it again the other day and feeling I really was quite proud of it. So here I am, giving it a bit of proper spotlight!

It is, of course, “Memory’s Wake – The Official Illustrated Companion Guide”


I designed this book originally with one idea in mind…

What if people who read my story in ebooks want to have a hard copy of all the illustrations from the trilogy?

I wanted to create a book to solve that need. A beautiful collectors item which brings back the memory (teehee) of the story and world and characters.

As I started creating it, it became something more.

I started separating all the illustrations into groups- Characters, Worlds, Magic, Locations. And then I started writing. I chose all of my favourite quotes from the trilogy and included them. I wrote information and backstory on all the elements of the books. I included secret insight into what I was thinking as I wrote this tale. And it all came together into this beautiful celebration of all things Memory’s Wake. I flick through it and I’m instantly taken back into the story, back into the moments and emotions, and back with my characters again.

Here’s a sneak peak at the table of contents-


And here is what it looks like inside-



If you loved Memory’s Wake and want a way to revisit the characters and world again, whether you read on ebook or not, this is a great way to be taken back to Avall again and learn more about it at the same time. You can, of course, get them directly from me, signed, at 

If you’re not in Australia like me and want cheaper or faster shipping and don’t mind going without a signature (Pssst! I’m planning on offering nice signed bookplates you can stick in your books-from-other-shops soon!), you can grab the Companion Guide on Amazon at 

There is also a slightly cheaper paperback option available there.

Of course, if you haven’t read Memory’s Wake yet and want to speed through the ebooks, you can get the completed trilogy as an ebook box set for around $8 and change at 

I wouldn’t recommend reading the Companion Guide before the trilogy itself. It’s FULL of spoilers, nothing held back at all!

Providence Unveiled – The Memory’s Wake Trilogy is Complete

After many years of work, the Memory’s Wake trilogy is now complete! Providence Unveiled has been released, ending the tale of Memory, her friends, and the land of Avall.

Just when she is finding herself, Memory is about to lose everything. Home, friendship, family, goals, love… Memory will break all the rules to try and save what is important to her, but her actions are being manipulated by a dark force toward a dark end. Worlds will be broken, love will be stolen, and sacrifices will be made.

In this final novel of the Memory’s Wake trilogy, the truth will be unveiled.

Take a gander at the AWESOME animated trailer!

Thanks to Lydia Kurnia for that amazing song, custom written for the book!

On the 30th I had a fantastic release party over on Facebook with a heap of lovely people. If you missed it, you can still stop in and read over some of the conversations and watch some funny videos of me here- 

Reviews for the final novel are already coming in, and I’m SO HAPPY that people are enjoying it! Seriously, I was freaking out a little. Finishing a story is hard, and I wanted to have a great end to this. The ebook is still on sale until the end of February- 


Thanks to everyone who helped Providence Unveiled break three Amazon Best Seller lists during its launch week!


Have you finished the trilogy yet? What did you think?


Free and Sale books from Selina’s Author Friends

Need more to read? Let me introduce my friends!

At the end of 2014, I joined an writer’s group with some lovely and talented local authors I had met at events throughout the year. These ladies are seriously awesome writers and it’s been fantastic to be part of a group with them!

Would you like to get to know them too?

Well, the best way to get to know an author, is through their books! So below, I’m going to post a little information about each author, AND links to their ebooks that are either FREE or on sale!

Laura L Hunter

Laura is a powerhouse of an author. Still so young and she has about 12+ books out! Be sure to follow the links for her website to find out more, but this series is a great one to get started on.

Archangels are extinct and the world is now inhabited by a half-human/half-angel race called Nephilim. But it’s been told that one Archangel remains – a child born of fire only known as The Legend.

21-year-old Nephilim Scarlett Porter is about to start her Angel training at the infamous Blackbell Academy, so she doesn’t have time to worry about dreams of mysterious dark angels. The last thing she expected was her dream angel to be Dyston Blackbell or that finding her was part of his mission – a mission Dyston is prepared to fail to keep Scarlett and the secret of who she is safe.

But, danger is closer to Dyston and Scarlett than they realize.

War is brewing, led by a group of Nephilim called The Lucifites, and they need The Legend to carry out their plans. With the help of their friends, the two must find the leader of the Lucifites and stop his plans for destruction. But will Dyston and Scarlett’s love survive what’s coming? How far will Scarlett go to save those she cares about the most?


The first book in the series is FREE here-

Find out more about Laura and her books at-




Kim Last

I read Kim’s book Fall For Me long before I knew her. Angels and vampires and kick-ass action, what’s not to love?

A battle is raging. Blood will be shed. Lives will be lost, and friendships will be tested.

One angel’s decision will change everything, and one vampire’s secret will tear them all apart.

Some rules are made to be broken.

Sacrifice is free at most online retailers-

Amazon US – Amazon Aus – Amazon UK

iBooks – B&N – Smashwords – Kobo

Fall For Me is 0.99c at Amazon for one more week

Amazon US – Amazon Aus – Amazon UK

Fight For Me released January 17 and is available at most online retailers!

Find out more about Kim and her books at





Lauren McKellar

Lauren writes in contemporary young adult rather than paranormal/fantasy like most of us, but her work was good enough even to tempt me away from my fantasy preferences! I’ve read her book Finding Home and loved it.

The Crazy in Love series covers a group of new adults learning how to live their lives, falling in love and coping with loss. Written with the intention of making you feel, these three books cover the late teen years of Kate and her best friend Stacey—and the whole lot of crazy that can happen when you walk out of those school doors.

THE PROBLEM CRAZY: FREE till January 28:




Find out more about Lauren and her books at –





Stacey Nash

Stacey’s novel Forget Me Not is the last I read, not counting re-reading my own of course! It was a such an intriguing and unique world she’s created around secret magic-like advanced technology. But I have to say I’m absolutely Team Will, and not just because he shares names with my own Will!

The Collective Series follows the journey of seventeen-year-old Anamae Gilbert as she discovers a huge secret that has been kept from the general population. Advanced technology capable of cloaking the human form, teleporting individuals, and allowing people to speak directly into one another’s minds exists and is used around us. Every single day. The head of the hidden organization responsible for this massive cover up sets her in his targets and Anamae struggles to keep herself and her loved ones safe.

header (5)

The first book is currently on 99c Sale at


iBooks: – Googleplay:

Barnes & Noble: – Kobo:

Find out more about Stacey and her books at-




And how about 101 new authors to sample for FREE?

I am proud to be part of this amazing anthology of indie authors, 101 of us in fact! Including Hugh Howey, which as you can imagine had me fangirling at being in the same book as ^_^
You can get these 101 short stories from 101 authors for FREE here-

*April Fools* Status Update on Memory’s Wake Trilogy

Everyone’s been asking- When is the last book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy coming out?

The last book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy has taken longer than expected to finish. I had a set plan of where I wanted the story to go, but as I was writing, the story took on a life of it’s own and wanted to go a different way, changing to a very different story to where I started out! Originally I had plans for the final book to encompass all the worlds of the Memory’s Wake universe, with the characters travelling from Avall to both the fairy realm and the modern realm that also exist around it. There is the mysterious Providence, the big bad to be revealed, and many more mysteries to be solved for Memory and her friends.

But the story and characters had other ideas, and they decided they wanted to hit the high seas! It took a lot of rewriting and work which is why it’s been taking so long, but the final book of the Memory’s Wake trilogy will now have a very piratey, sea-faring feel too it. Arrgh, me hearties!

To reflect the changes to the story line, I’ve also updated the cover art, check it out!


The good news is, I have a finished first draft! There is a lot of rewriting and editing still to do to make this the best book in the trilogy (well of COURSE it’s going to be the best book, it has PIRATES!). And then I still have the illustrations to do (lots of illustrations of pirates!!!). Once I’m further into my revisions, I will be able to announce a clearer-if-tentative release date.

What do you all think? Aren’t pirates JUST what the Memory’s Wake trilogy needed?

Online Party to Celebrate Memory’s Wake at No.1

Back on the 2-4th I held a promotion for Memory’s Wake, where my goal was to reach #1 in a list on Amazon. I promised if I did, I’d hold an online party!

And guess what? It totally did!


Party Time!


Live chat is over, thanks to everyone who joined in!

Missed the party? Want to read what was said? Were you at the party and want to look up something that was mentioned? Here is the complete transcript of the online chat, the full 3 hours or 105 pages worth (!!!) as a PDF file!


What’s happening at the party?

  • I’ll also be doing ebook signings via Kindlegraph– get a personalised autograph!
  • There will be give-aways for people in the party-chat. I’ll be giving away prizes at specially chosen times, post counts, and for party games!
  • Special guests will be announced as they confirm. The following have provided tentative confirmation-
    • Ellen Million– Artist and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, creator of the fantastic Sketch Fest (also this weekend!).
    • Nicole Cadet– an Australian Fantasy artist who paints the prettiest faces!
    • Lucy Cavendish– Magical and talented wise woman, author of Selina’s Fairy oracle deck and upcoming mermaid deck.
    • Amy Edwards– master illustrator and artist of the stunning Chakra Insight Oracle
    • Serene Conneeley– Traveller, healer and author of magical places and things.
    • Ash Evans– Painter of furry and winged things, including the adorable Fortuna the Cat.

*April Fools* New Cover Art for Memory’s Wake Released!

Originally posted on the 1st of April, so no need to take anything below seriously 😉 

In my usual indecisive way, I’ve decided that I didn’t like the cover art for Memory’s Wake. I’ve been working on the new cover and come up with something I’m pleased with, that I think will sell a stack more books, too. I wanted to surprise you all with a brand new cover design! Here it is!

Memory's Wake- Young Adult Fantasy Novel with Abs

What do you think? Better, right? It will be uploading to Amazon and other publishers shortly so you can get it on your ebooks and paperbacks. Paperbacks, of course, are the best option, so everyone can see what you’re reading and go, “Hey, who is that sexy looking fellow? I want to read that too!”. Ebooks are the better option for women over 30 who prefer to hide the fact they drool over teenagers in stories *coughNotMecoughNever*.

In related news, I’ve decided I’m not going to continue the trilogy. One book is enough. The others are too hard. I give up. For those who wanted to know what happened to the characters and how it was going to end, here it is-

Memory was really an alien, and ends up marrying the dragon. Sorry to those who didn’t want spoilers.