Many, Many, Mermaid Sketches

I think I’m having Sketch Fest withdrawals. I missed the last couple of Sketch Fests, and now Ellen Million, the host of the awesome event, is off on maternity leave.

So I had my own private Sketch Fest today. I needed to get my arty mojo going again (I’ve been switched over to writing mind instead of drawing mind), and get some mermaidy inspiration going. So… I sketched a bunch of mermaids.

Selina Fenech Mermaid Art Sketches
Click image to see full size

They range in complexity (I didn’t stick to the normal 1 hour Sketch Fest time limit, although I doubt many went over time) and success, and I probably won’t turn all of them into finished work. But it felt great getting my sketch on. I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of mermaids tails, which are something I struggle with, getting the curves and angles right. I don’t like mermaid tails that look like they have knees, but it’s easy to make mermaid tails look stumpy if they curve wrong.

I’ve neglected mermaids for too long. I’m planning to do a lot of mermaid paintings this year!


And I sure did paint a lot of mermaids that year! You can see all the new mermaid artwork in my Mermaid Art Collection book, and Oracle of the Mermaids card deck, now available!

Book - An Art Collection by Selina Fenech - Fairy Visions  Deck - Oracle of the Mermaids by Selina Fenech