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Here you will find posts from Selina with advice about creating art. These include art tips and techniques, painting walk-throughs, video tutorials and other creative advice. The advice ranges in medium from watercolors, to acrylics and digital painting.

Painting Process Walkthrough for “Hide and Seek”

I get many people asking me how I go about my paintings. It’s a hard question because I barely ever follow the same process twice! I’m always trying new things and experimenting so the process isn’t always the same, although it can be very similar. Below I have photographed the artwork “Hide and Seek” as […]

Painting Walkthrough “Gossamer Princess”

Below are a collection of photographs that I took while painting the artwork “Gossamer Princess” to demonstrate some of my techniques and processes I use when painting. Obviously not all of my paintings are done the same way, and I use different mediums and techniques all the time, so this just shows a little of […]

Watercolour 101- An Introduction to Watercolours!

A lot of people ask me questions about how to paint with watercolour. It’s easy to feel that watercolour is an intimidating medium. Mistakes are hard to fix, you have to work quickly. But it’s also a beautiful medium and not as hard as it can look. Below is a quick introduction on using watercolours […]